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July 2024

Baguley Drewery " Castell Harlech" at Almondbury by Alan Poxon

An engineer's inspection car on an Indian railway by Paul Howard

Palmerston on a rainy day : Parkwood Railway by John Toseland

June 2024

"Merddin Emrys" hauls a train of goods and slates on Almondbury LR

by John Toseland recreating the Cei Mawr photograph [ see TIL ]

" Talyllyn" at Llechfan by Robert Groom

Kerr, Stuart Tattoo 'Bella' a Wrightscale model in a special weathered livery by Geoff Munday crosses Arnagill Trestle on the Masham and Colsterdale Railway: by Tony Wright

NDM 6 at YME by Paul Howard

May 2024

Lister at Monk Ings Railway by Alan Poxon

Lilla on the Masham and Colsterdale Railway by Paul Butler

O&K at York ME by Paul Howard

Steam Tram at Parkwood by Alan Poxon

"Britomart " at the Llangollen Show by Dave Webb

April 2024

James Spooner at The Green, Lanwnswood LR : Chris Cooper

" Hugh Napier " : Chris Cooper

"Llywelyn" VOR No 8 simmers at Lawnswood: Chris Cooper

Merddin Emrys at Almondbury : John Toseland

March 2024

7/8 Waril ‘Esme’ with Bole Laser Deptford shipping wagons : Paul Howard

" Mountaineer" at York ME : Paul Butler

A newly built Garratt by Mike Lax at York ME : Paul Howard

Garratt at Tulip Trees on Ecclesall Wood LR : Mike Gibbs

February 2024

"Taw" heading up the bank on Lawnswood LR : Matthew Widdop

de Winton No 6 and No 7 on Dolgoch Viaduct : Nantmoor Light Railway : Dave Webb

Prince, The Princess, Baldwin 590, Linda and Welsh Pony line up at Portmadoc Station: Huddersfield Railway Modellers: Jack Hartwell

The same line-up with a little help from Georgie Hunter. Very realistic.

009 and 16mm at Keighley MRC : Matthew Widdop

January 2024

Welsh Pony at Huddersfield Railway Modellers : Jack Hartwell

"Big Stuff" at Crayke : Mick Brown

Prince and Welsh Pony at York ME: Paul Butler

Yorkshire members presenting a £1500 donation to

Yorkshire Air Ambulance at the New Year Steam up

December 2023

Not enough snow! A model of the Denver & Rio Grande Western

rotary snow plow by USA Trains : Mick Brown at Crayke.

Russell with WW1 Engineering train at Lawnswood : Tony Wright

Regner "Guinness" kit-built by Paul Howard running at Crayke

Snow in Jarrow : Paul Varey wades through the drifts

November 2023

Roundhouse Merseysider at Great Willowgarth : John Toseland

A de Winton based on ‘Violet’ and built by Mike Lax : Paul Howard at York Model Engineers.

Autumn colour at Lawnswood : Chris Cooper

At 11:00 am on the 11th November 1918 when the guns fell silent, a British Westinghouse Petrol Electric locomotive and an Armoured Simplex Tin Turtle pause for a moments reflection with the crew of a British BL 9.2 inch howitzer on a trench railway somwhere on the Western Front. Alan Poxon

October 2023

Taken by Dave Webb at the 2022 Yorkshire Group AGM

Steam by almost Starlight at Great Willowgarth: John Toseland

Avonside at Yorks ME : Paul Howard

A Fairlie line up : Chris Cooper

FR scratch - built England locos at Barrow Hill : Jack Hartwell

September 2023

Paul's P-Way gang get ready for York ME repairs : Paul Butler

W&LLR No 14 at Almondbury with Russell: Alan Poxon

Prince at Parkside : John Toseland

Hohenzollern Tram : Paul Howard

Built by the Hohenzollern Locomotive Works in Dusseldorf. The Eerste Stoomtramweg Maatschappij of the Netherlands ordered five tramway locomotives for the 1067mm gauge line between Assen and Coevorden, numbered 13 to 17.

Locos 13 and 16 were sold on to the Bruynzeel Timber Company and shipped out to Borneo to work in their sawmills.

This loco, numbered 16, was built by Peter Angus and lined by Mike Lax, and represents one of the engines that worked in Indonesia. It is driven by a geared oscillator supplied by Eian Green.

August 2023

Betty at York ME : Tony Wright [ also see Projects ]

DHR Garratt climbing steadily at Black Rock: Lyndon Smith

Moss Bank Mountain Railway viaducts: Michael Bastow

Blanche and Lilla resting at Fleggy Beck : Matthew Widdop


July 2023

Moss Bank : John Toseland

Moel Tryfan at Rivelin Glen : Dave Webb

B Class at Black Rock Mountain Railway : Lyndon Smith

Russell on Lawnswood LR : Chris Cooper

Penrhyn Double at Great Willowgarth : John Toseland

June 2023

The Bell Locomotive Works, Inc. of New York City built a variety of lightweight geared steam locos. These included side tank, saddle tank and tender types even an articulated version. All shared certain elements, including some of the practical features of the Stanley Steamer car of 1908. They all had enclosed power units, boilers wrapped in piano wire and all ran on petroleum based liquid fuels. They only took twenty minutes to raise steam so were  popular with contractors and plantation owners. 
My particular loco, built by Peter Angus, ran on the Central American banana plantations of the United Fruit Company in the early 1920s: Paul Howard

An unlikely meeting on the LLR : Trev Oughton

Parkwood Railways : John Toseland

York ME Diesel Gala 2023 : Paul Howard.

Fowler Peldon diesel, Baldwin WW1 diesel and DHR NDM-6 diesel.

May 2023

WHR meets Ffestiniog on Moss Bank MR : Dave Webb

Accucraft Saxonian 1K : Rick Collett.

Rick writes that No 54 was a new build in 2009. The small wheel on the roof and funnel are part of an early continuous brake. A rope is threaded through and also along the vehicles/coaches. The brakes are arranged to be permanently on. When the rope is tightened the brakes are pulled off.

More information click here :

Lew at YME: Alan Poxon


DHR A Class at YORK ME : Paul Howard

April 2023

Welsh Pony [ almost finished ] and Upnor Castle at Westfield LR :

Jack Hartwell

Penrhyn Hunslet trio : Charles, Hugh Napier and Lilla at Parkwood :

Alan Poxon

Palmerston at YME : Paul Butler

Peckett : Paul Howard


March 2023

Double Heading at Parkwood : John Toseland

Linda at York ME : Alan Poxon

B Class: Rick Collett

Almondbury slate train : Alan Poxon

February 2023

Matador and Trailer: Nick Midgley at Saltersbrook

Huddersfield Railway Modellers : Alan Poxon

Huddersfield Railway Modellers : Dave Webb

Huddersfield Railway Modellers : Dave Webb

January 2023

De Winton at Saltersbrook : Dave Webb

Nickel Plate Line Berkshire and Union Pacific Mikado Gauge 1 at Crayke : Paul Howard

Blanche and Linda double-heading a slate train :

Yorkshire Group New Year Steam Up : Dave Webb

Very Classy ! : Parkwood Railways : Dave Webb

December 2022

Bierra and SR Falcon Lawley running at York : Trev Oughton

Palmerston at York ME : Paul Butler

November 2022

Lilla at Lawnswood : Andy Cooper

Shay visiting Old Haydon LR : Paul Howard

Lest We Forget : Alan Poxon

A British Protected Simplex and an American Baldwin Gas Mechanical pause with a French Pechot-Bourdon locomotive in a moment of remembrance as the guns fall silent at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.

Lilla and Hugh Napier at Parkwood : Alan Poxon

C Class at Almondbury : Dave Webb


October 2022

Dusk at Great Willowgarth

LEW with FR coaches on LLR : Trev Oughton

7/8 Hunslet "Silurian" running at York ME : Paul Howard

a very busy ALR : Dave Webb


September 2022

Alco : ALR : Dave Webb

The Earl on the LLR

Double Fairlies James Spooner and DLG double-head

on Mount Dowd at Elsecar : Matthew Widdop

Russell at Aireside : Chris Cooper


August 2022

Parkwood Geared Loco Open Day : Dave Webb

Switching tanks at Crayke : Mick Brown

Three Englands at Charminster: Chris Cooper

Mayumbe Garratt : Paul Howard


July 2022

Gricers at Wasdale Tramway : Rick Collett

Palmerston with goods at Great Willowgarth : John Toseland

Resplendent in Black at York ME : James Medd

Taliesin and James Spooner at Lawnswood: Gerv Wright

June 2022

B Class at Almondbury : Alan Poxon

John Toseland at Saltersbrook

Garratt NGG16 No 184 at Parkwood : Alan Poxon

"Talyllyn" at York ME : Paul Howard


May 2022

Peckett Fenay Beck at Endcliffe Vale Light Railway : Alan Poxon

French WW1 Baldwin Pechot-Bourdons at Nook End Railway: Alan Poxon

A General Electric 45ton side rod diesel of 1958 .

This one is a 3 foot gauge in 1.20.3 scale: Mick Brown at Crayke

Lyn at Almondbury : Alan Poxon

Taliesin at Parkwood: John Toseland


April 2022

Jack at York ME : Alan Poxon

David Lloyd George: Spring at Charminster : Chris Cooper

Steaming up at Lawnswood

Highland Chief at Almondbury : Alan Poxon

March 2022

Yvonne steams on the Wigfa & Llanrwst Light Railway : Rob Holmes

Resting in the sunshine at Crayke : Paul Butler

Linda powers around York Model Engineers: Alan Poxon

Locomotion battery Railbus " Sherlock Homes" : paint restored and loco lining by Chris Cooper, electronics update by Rob Holmes, and interior engine by Nicki Robinson of SLR Models : Charminster Carriage Works

February 2022

Roundhouse "Florence Nightingale" with a passenger train at

Saltersbrook Lane Branch : Alan Poxon

Hunslet No 1 Port Dinorwic type : works number 1429 of 1922:

York ME : Paul Howard

Hugh Napier at Parkwood Railway : Alan Poxon

Linda steam plume : Paul Howard at Crayke

January 2022

Peckett by Mike Lax : Paul Howard

Peckett by Accucraft : Trev Oughton

Late night at Crayke: Mick Brown

A Victorian Lewin Loco : Paul Howard