The Yorkshire Group of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers Ltd

2023 AGM

from left to right: John Toseland [Secretary] Tony Wright [ Chairman ]

Phil Thompson [ Treasurer ]

YG16mm NGM Ltd Annual General Meeting

Sunday 5th of November 2023 at 1pm


Chairperson’s opening remarks:

WELCOME EVERYONE and thank you for coming to the Yorkshire Group of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers AGM .

This is our 16th  AGM as a Limited Company.

Thanks again to HRM for hosting the Group AGM.

Chairman’s review of the year:

Formal business

Apologies received and any from the floor:

Anthony Marshall

Ted Burdge

Jim Bryant

Graham Brookes

Anthony Haddrell

Paul Varey

Matthew Widdop

Andy Cooper

To receive the accounts for the period ended 30 June 2023 and the Directors’ report and the accountant’s report.

Phil presents accounts.

2023 saw a small profit for the financial year and the balance sheet remains healthy.

Questions for the Treasurer.  

For acceptance of the Accounts 27   Against 0   Abstentions 0

Proxy votes received from Anthony Haddrell, Graham Brookes, Paul Varey.  All votes for (included above).

The report was accepted by the membership. The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for his report.

 Election of Directors

At the sixteenth annual general meeting held on 5th November 2023, David Webb and David Mason will retire by rotation. They offer themselves for re-election as directors.  Additionally Matthew Widdop and John Toseland have been co-opted since the last AGM and require formal election. 

David Mason      For 27        Against 0             Abstentions 0

David Webb        For 26        Against 0             Abstentions 0

Matthew Widdop For 27       Against 0             Abstentions 0

John Toseland   For 26        Against 0             Abstentions 0

Proxy votes received from Anthony Haddrell, Graham Brookes, Paul Varey. All votes for (included above).

Informal business

Yorkshire Garden Railway Show Report 2023

The change of business model from hiring the hall and retaining the door receipt, to the venue retaining the door receipts and not charging the group for hire, was explained and discussed.  The 2023 show profit was £2547 compared to £3062 for the previous year. 

A donation to Yorkshire Air Ambulance of £1500 is being made, compared to £1100 in the previous year.

An exact figure for attendance has not been established but it is believed to be between 500 and 600.


Graham Pearce commented that he had poor attendance at both his open day and the geared open day.  He will only host the geared open day in 2024.  Graham also noted that his taking were down by half at the 2023 show.

A member suggested a demonstration stand be added to the annual show.  This will be implemented if sufficiently supported.

Nicki noted that her footfall for SLR was reduced from the previous year.

Future of YGRS     Phil…..[2024 Barrow Hill]

A booking has been made for Sept 28th for the 2024 show at Barrow Hill.

Improving the catering arrangements and a range of other improvements have already been discussed with the Barrow Hill management.

Directors’ proposals for 2024

The Directors’ proposed raising the contributions from visitors for an Open Day with food and drink to £5 per person,  and for an Open Day where you bring your own lunch and drinks are provided by the host to £1.

This was approved by the meeting with the proviso that the wording on the Programme should make it clear that those members wishing to bring their own lunch to an Open Day with food provided should let their hosts know.

The possibility of a second show in 2025, when Elsecar re-opens, was mentioned, but not formally actioned.

It is unclear if the Harrogate show will go ahead in 2024, and whether our group will be invited.

The chairman expressed an intention to further increase the visibility of the group through the website, Bulletin entry, and Facebook.  Andy’s website report was reviewed.

Draft Events and Open days 2024 see handouts

There are some empty dates and if anyone would like to organise an Open Day at their railway please let us know.


The 2024 NYSU this year will be held again at Grenoside Community Centre in Sheffield on Saturday 6th of January.  Details in the 2024 Draft Open Day Programme.

Andy still has gas available at £4.00 for butane and £4.10 for mixed.  Cash only.

Attendance 27

Meeting closed at 2:15pm

John Toseland


16th Nov 2023


Huddersfield Railway Modellers' premises:

Unit 13A, Bath Mills, Albert Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield.  HD1 3PY.

Parking is on the street so you are advised to bring a trolley to carry locos and stock if you are intending to steam on Portmadoc from 11am.

The clubrooms are on the first floor.


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