Update April 2015 : lonicera hedges trimmed


A little gardening in Bournemouth ..now is the time to get to the garden centre for all the winter cheap sell offs : Chris Cooper

The pines are a Pinus mugo 'Orphir' (beautiful golden colour) and Picea glauca  that looks a bit like a mini Yew which are common to churchyards . Both are dwarf with max height of 80cm.   I have also put in some Lonicera nitida cuttings to make miniature hedges, a thyme plant and dotted around some Mind-Your-Own-Business which will hopefully spread to form 'grass' and keep the weeds away.  The church, built from Jigstones by Bob Walker. is on some slates and the gravel paths are postcrete with gravel pushed in on top and slate edging.  Just need to make some post and wire fences now down the railway to complete the effect.






























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