Making a round replacement gas tank for a Roundhouse small England

Materials :

1" x 16swg Copper tube for the boiler

1" brass round

from Macc Models [ see Traders ME suppliers ]

Dry Acid Pickling crystals 750grams from GLR KENNIONS LTD

CUP ALLOYS 1mm 455 630-660 degrees C and EF FLUX 550-800 degrees C melting range

Make silver solder "templates" for ends using a slightly smaller bar so they are a tight fit

Tank body 16swg x 1" copper tube 72mm long

Ends : top 6mm with M4.5 x 5 thread for Ronson Valve

Bottom 2mm Total height 80mm

Both turned 3mm to fit into the tube

Note longer Ronson valve from Ebay 4 x Ronson Type (Varaflame) gas filler Inlet valves

and inner and outer parts of the top.

The gas pipe input 1/8" into the outer part only

Apply flux

clamp allows the gas tank to be turned when hot

repeat for bottom and add pipe to suit

This tank is for Roundhouse small Englands.

A conversion which locates the tank to be in a cooler place

at the rear of the cab. The gas valve is relocated and the servo is remounted

higher in the cab.

When the tank is painted black it is well concealed

End result :

the loco lights easily

the loco can be re-gassed when hot

Running time is 40 minutes ,

about twice the run time of the Roundhouse gas tank

[ Roundhouse tank capacity 18ml

Replacement tank capacity 27ml ]

Total cost approx £22 inc £4 for Ronson type gas valve [ 2024 ]

Prince with gas tank fitted at Charminster

Design, conversion and soldering by Chris Cooper

Gas tank parts by Andy Cooper

Tested by Rodger Schofield

October 2022

Boiler and gas tank testing

Rodger Schofield [ Huddersfield and area ]

can be contacted on rschofield46@talktalk.net

Boiler testing only

Derek Round [ Bradford and area ]

can be contacted on roundd@sky.com






























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