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Tan y Bryn Railway  Brian Ives describes how he built a stone viaduct. [ Original idea by David Mason ]

The original concrete block trackbed

A method of fixing the height so the new structure fits into the old.  The wooden structures fix the track bed height.  The track is on a curve and a grade of 1 in 70.

An arch top in place. The top block of the column has a slope cut onto the edge to receive the arch.

A block with grooves cut to simulate stonework

A finished tower of blocks to form one of the viaduct pillars.

Wooden formers on which to pre-make the arch tops using "fingers" of Bradstone.

Columns and arch tops - care needed to line up the arch tops and allow enough space to make the arches.

Edging blocks on the top bring the viaduct up to the correct level.

Note the gap between the top of the arch and the level of the track bed.

Track bed built by placing blocks to form a channel and then filling with cement.

Nearly there!!


Trains run for the first time.

photos © Brian Ives

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