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Building a L&B warehouse with styrene and foam board by Steve Borszowski

 With the imminent completion of my garden railway I thought I'd continue with buildings to enhance it for a little scenic interest.

Trouble is, there aren't many scale drawings out there to get inspiration from! And proprietary stuff is so expensive! So, build your own.

However, at the national show a couple of years ago I came across a hefty tome entitled




It cost a pretty penny but since the author (s) had gone to the trouble of measuring every single building, crossing, signal box, rolling stock etc, I figured it was well worth it. All these statistics are reproduced in the book.

There are several buildings that I'm going to attempt but I thought I'd start with something grand! It's a warehouse at Barnstaple.

I was going to build it from Jigstones but something this big.....

My son works with styrene and foam board in various thicknesses and there are an awful lot of offcuts which are eventually scrapped. I thought I would recycle some of these. The sheets are between 1mm and 5mm thick.

It is a large structure even in this scale  with not too many architectural challenges. I didn't want to elaborate on the looks so am keeping it plain. I got this from Brian Dominic who said that if you can't see it from a couple of feet away do you really need it! So this building is without any adornments such as downpipes and guttering.

The stonework was intended to be individual pieces (as would the roof be individual tiles). This proved to be extremely tedious and I found a more aesthetically pleasing method of simply scoring the plastic.

The warehouse is almost complete and I'm still not sure where to put it!

When my railway is finally complete you will be able to see it in all its glory on an open day!

Thanks for reading.


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