Peter Nutbrown : Lady Elizabeth upgrade

Having more spare time than normal I decided to upgrade the pot boiler Lady Ann built from Roundhouse parts in 2019.

There were a few gaping holes on the tank top, cab roof and an incomplete footplate although when painted black were not so noticeable. Safe speed control on my line with 1 in 30 gradients was difficult and already having a truck with a receiver and battery it only required a servo and arm for the throttle, as direction control continues to be manual.

Initially the gas tank was free standing inside the cab, being removed for filling by sliding off the rear bunker. A new 0.5mm thick footplate was fashioned to fit around the burner, secured by the reversing lever stand. Onto this was mounted the gas tank with an appropriate 3.5mm hole drilled into the cab roof for charging and a bracket for a mini servo.

A dummy coal load was made from a brass boiler band soldered to a 0.5mm thick plate to cover an 10mm diameter hole in the RHS tank top. The coal pieces were secured with PVA glue and the assembly sealed with black paint.

A 5mm hole at the front of the cab roof was filled with an offcut and a Roundhouse dummy whistle. The servo lead routed over the rear bunker was painted black and can be retained in position by a brass fire iron fitted across the rear lamp brackets.

Control of the loco is achieved by plugging in the servo lead to the receiver mounted with battery in the adjoining coal truck which is also used for coal

March 2021































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