Peter Nutbrown : electrically operated points

The operation of remote points can be done using a 4.8 or 6 volt system with a standard servo, servo tester, battery pack, servo cable and, servo connectors.

The servo is mounted on a plate connected to the point sleepers, which in the case of Peco can be done by slotting rail sections through the holes without drilling the sleepers. A rod connects the servo arm to the blade tie bar and a weather proof cover is made to protect the servo.

A suitable length of servo wire is fitted with a male and female connectors to operate the point from the desired location and no significant voltage loss was detected at 2.5M length.

If multiple points are to be operated from one location, then a switch may be required in the individual signal lines as the tester will operate all connected servos typically up to 6 simultaneously.

A preformed ‘Y’ servo wire can be used to connect 2 points to the main wire in order to operate both of them together as in a crossover or passing loop.

electrical components

3 remote points in line

Close up of 1st. point

Battery pack, servo tester and multi cable to remote points

Location of points and control position upto 2.5M apart


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