Building a NWNGR Perfect World “ Workman's Coach” No 7

Dimensions: 416mm Long 87mm Wide 122mm High. Wheelbase 287mm 



The 26’ “ Closed Coach” built by Metropolitan in 1891 did not survive into WHR days.

These coaches were narrower and shorter than the Ashbury coaches. There was no internal connnection between the two halves of the coach, with the bench seating arranged around the outside of each “compartment”. 


Perfect World kits are made from teak and plywood for the coach base with a aluminium roof and white metal castings.

They are not laser cut kits and do not have the location tags found on such kits.

They therefore have to be made very accurately in order to achieve a good finished product.

Here is the side carrier plus the scribed panels to be glued to it.  The ends are made in the same way.


Assembled ends have been given a coat of Phoenix gloss varnish to seal the wood before gloss painting and final assembly.


One assembled side and one part finished.


It’s a good idea to put a weight over these asemblies to keep them completely flat.

These are the individual parts that make up the windows and the upper sides of the coach. They have to be very carefully assembled so that each coach side is level.


This the final stage of assembly              


The “window carriers now have to be mounted on the coach sides. This has to be done very accurately otherwise the “top” length of wood that completes the side will not be level.

Coach side completed;   and below one side varnished and one side painted with first coat.



Bogies are white metal with Brandbright 25mm diameter wheels and 2mm journals.



Coach side is glued to the base.


Interior bench seats varnished and part assembled.


Ends and sides assembled..all painted first.


Workmans’ bench seats fitted.  Doors are at either end; two compartments with seats around the outside.


Bogies and buffer beam extensions fitted.



Glazing completed


Grab rails and door handles, brake gear, steps and DJB tranfers applied



Roof fitted and painted Rover Arum white.  Roof is aluminium.

Buffers and vacuum pipes fitted.  All given two more coats of gloss varnish.


 Andy Cooper January 2014

































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