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Millgates Light Railway - Steve Borszowski

New engine shed 2019

2017 progress - almost there!



July 2105 Track laid


June 2015

The link to the raised post section        posts for steam up section


Scratch-built removable bridge

and landscaping April 2015

Progress 23 March 2015

In early 2014 we moved home. The garden, as I first thought, didn't really lend itself to a garden railway of any significance. However,  visiting members’ railways really inspired me.

The house is one of a pair at the end of a short track. The garden at the rear is long, but narrow. So I decided to extend the railway from the rear, around the side and into the front garden. This will  form a 'U' with a loop at each end.



From the front garden to the rear there is a fall of about 1m. There will be gradients not exceeding 1:40 and level sections for the steam up and station areas of which I'm hoping to include two. Minimum radius will be 4'6".

I was thinking of building a wall to carry the railway the full distance( about 40m) but having discussed this with 'she who must be obeyed' (I do not want to be looking out onto the Great Wall of China!), I will have to raise part of it on posts.

The railway will be called Millgates Light Railway simply because I live on Millgates in York!

I have started by digging out the foundations and laying concrete for the front loop and have pegged out the whole of the approximate route.

The weather and family and other commitments have caused delays as has the promise of the loan of a cement mixer which has not been forthcoming. I hope to complete the undertaking before spring so I'd better get my finger out. Any help of a physical or technical nature with the civil engineering would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Andy Cooper for all the advice and help he's provided and to all the members of the Leeds/Bradford shed for their inspiration and hospitality.


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