Tony Wright recycles some of his old wagons

During this period of enforced stay at home a long put off sort out of garden rail items seemed to be an idea. Amongst the collection I unearthed a few wagons I have no need for, it seemed a shame to ditch these. My attention turned to my steam up area which looked a bit barren and could be a new home for them. Drive around the countryside (when we are allowed again) you will still see grounded box vans, so a plan was devised.

The first two are a Lynton and Barnstable open wagon and a box van, these were part of a train set offered by Accucraft/BMS with the first incarnation of the Baguley Drewry diesel. These wagons didn’t fit with my line ethos plus they were designed for 45mm and when fitted with the 32mm wheelset they looked odd. These wagons were simply stripped of their wheels, W-irons and coupling and were ready for placing.

The third wagon was an AnDell tank wagon which again I wasn’t happy with, the resin construction just didn’t sit well with me. The obvious fate for the wagon was to be come a water tower. A rummage through my wood stock (another lockdown task to sort through) turned up some oak strip. A simple four leg braced stand was knocked up deliberately left looking rustic. The joints are glued and through bolted with 2mm stainless bolts. A box and trunk for the water incoming pipe was made from mahogany strip with the feed pipe made from 3mm copper tubing. The delivery pipe is a length of K&S tube with a valve made from a nut, brass rod and a handle from the bits box (Model Earth I think), the bag is heat shrink.

After I completed this article, I looked at the open wagon and thought it looked a little bland. If the body was used as I imagined as a coal store, I doubt the doors would be shut. I gently levered off the black corner strapping this allows the side to be removed. Using a razor saw I cut down the lines that mark out the door cutting through the top catch and hinges. The doors were secured in the open position using a black grab adhesive and the white cut edges disguised with sleeper grime paint. A healthy pile of coal was arranged and PVA and when set coated with patio sealer.
























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