Dave Webb :  Almondbury Express Parcels Service

I bought the basic model from ebay several years ago together with the
bubble car.

It has been on the 'to do' shelf for a while but eventually I got around to
making it work.
The old motor, transmission and controls were removed.  I was originally
powered by a very large motor through lots of meccano gears and various
slipping rubber bands.  The speed controller was a rheostat operated with a
servo from and old 27Mhz radio.

An IP motor/gearbox was fitted and a more up to date radio (2.4Ghz) added
all powered by a block of AA rechargeable batteries.

New control panel.  Aluminium sheet with switches. The receiver
(Spektrum, Speed controller (Viper Loco) and 10 AA batteries are underneath.

Then a bit of detailing:
The roof was repainted grey and various parts of the underframe painted
black.  ALR lettering and number added (from a vinyl lettering sheet)
Chopper couplings were fitted so it can now pull and extra van or two if

The rear buffer beam has been extended (Lolly sticks) and a
chopper coupling fitted (DJB model Engineering IOM couplngs).

Some bits of luggage and a dog finished the job.
Goods to be loaded.

The dog has a ride (cast metal)

A gas cylinder is slung underneath (plastic kit).

An empty crate is returned to its owner (wood laser cut)

Toolbox (brass) and a can (plastic)



































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