Chris Cooper modifies a Brandbright Ashbury coach kit

The real thing is a replica built at Boston Lodge in 2006-7 (see link Carriage 10 - Festipedia), as all original Ashburys were scrapped, the last by 1939.  

So the model is of the replica built to the first class design (with central windows) but given the 3rd class lettering as per the replica as explained in the festpedia article (confused yet…!).  The livery is from the 1880's, Royal Purple with gilt lining and lettering.  The paint I've used is Phoenix LNWR Plum which I found recommended as a close match.  I like the colour, it looks chocolate in some lights but definitely purple in the sunshine, especially next to a black loco.  I need to make a lamp top to go on the roof and then onto the next project!

Carriage 10 - FestipediaCarriage 10 Awaiting the call to service Built By FR Co. Designation 3rd Saloon Seating Knifeboard 2 X 6 x 1st Length 10ft 3ins Width 5ft 4in History Date Built 200...
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