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FR wooden bogie waggon 1870s

This model is produced by Sixteen Mills in MDF


This is the prototype which at first carried barrels and corn sacks and later coal. They ceased to exist sometime during the First World War. Hudson built wood then steel replaced them.

Ref: The Festiniog Railway: Vol 2 - Locomotives and Rolling Stock : J.I.C.Boyd 1975 Oakwood Press

Parts for the waggon and bogies.

Very clear instructions with illustrations in readable font.

Bogie parts

axlebox detail

Nylon bearings and Binnie curly spoked wheels

Completed bogie

Ends and overlays

One side glued

Body completed

Side overlays

card strapping

Detail with 3.64 and 1/32 rivets

Completed model with brake stand and Slater's FR buffers.

My first MDF model. I was impressed with the accuracy of the laser cutting. All the parts fitted together very well. The card detailing parts were also very accurate. The bogies again were well designed.

MDF has to be sealed well . I used Phoenix white primer then BR grey topped with 2 coats of matt varnish. Bogies in black.

Sixteen Mills even supply the FR number plate, which for this vehicle is 105.

Andy Cooper March 2019

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