16mm Projects

FR Bolster wagons

These very detailed bolster wagons are made by Harecroft Models.

This is the prototype which usually carried lengths of rail or wood.

Base, floor and sides assembled using waterproof wood glue applied with a brush.

and clamped together

A useful jig is provided for drilling the holes in the upper and lower beams.

Plastic section which holds the couplings ( manufactured by SLR Models )

Metal rod glued into upper beam

Coat of red oxide [ Phoenix ] and the lower beam glued on.

Posts glued in and detailing begun.

These are all the detailing parts helpfully labelled in the plan

Building up the strapping

Wheels, axleguards,couplings all by Slaters

Acrylic gunmetal for the strapping applied with small brush

Bolt detail...you need your glasses on for this bit..tweezers and superglue applied with a piece of thin brass rod

Finished product weathered with some flat brown

You need some "Superglue Patience" for this kit but it looks good completed. Well designed and good value.

Andy Cooper Feb 2019


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