FR Coach No.19

The new coach is based on FR No.19 of 1879, with the livery it carries now from the 2006 restoration into the original Victorian plum with gold lining.  See Festipedia link https://www.festipedia.org.uk/wiki/Carriage_19.  I used again the Brandbright PS19 kit as a start, the same as the model of FR No.20 that I built several years ago, which is a compartment short but means it goes round the sharp curves on my line.  

This time Brandbright just supplied the sides of the kit for me (from the last run of PS19s before retirement!) and I built the rest from oddments of ply I found in the shed recycled from packaging that our new kitchen came in!  

I don't find lining very easy but I have given it a good go. It looks fine from a few feet away, which works in the garden.  The finishing touches were lamp tops and transfers [from David Bailey.]

Chris Cooper

March 2016

Charminster Light Railway





























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