16mm Projects

FR "Donkey" slab wagon c.1880

Plywood kit from Lineside Hut is supplied with plastic Binnie wheels and all detailing : £26

In Minffordd Yard [ Pictures from Tim Elsby ]

You can just see it in this Bleasdale picture from the Spooner Album in front of the building in the far distance

The kit comes with the usual cut out parts which make up the base. I used waterproof wood glue applied with a brush.

Three more layers make up the underframe

axle boxes are provided with brass bearings : Binnie curly spoke wheels are ouside the frames

I used the axles to keep everything square

The top of the A frame is supported by inside beams

Outside beams are accurately cut to fit

[Plastikard] strenthening strips for each A frame as per the prototype

Painted grey with lead glued to underside..maybe less top heavy!

with a green slate billiard table

details picked out in black

This is a model accurate to the prototype.

Some pictures of the prototype would really help enhance the clarity of the instructions.

January 2020

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