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Civil Engineering

A Yorkshire ex-pat starts his railway in the deep south

Chris Cooper's Charminster Light Railway Bournemouth


August 2015

Charminster gets a new triangle and steam-up area

and a new curving bridge


November 2012 - the circuit structure is completed



Thanks Bob!



Progress in June : one terminus station is finished and the footings for the halfway station and steaming up bays are completed


and the first runs on a small section of track click here for video

After a visit in late May progress is made:

These boards hold the station deck and raised flower bed in place

Concrete footings go in..it's only 30 degrees this day!!


The breezeblock pads are laid in the trenches..


The deck frame takes shape

and is winched into position..only joking this is B&Q delivering the deck boards!!


The railway will run in front of this decked area..


before May : laying the concrete pads for breezeblock supports for decking boards



photos © Clare Cooper

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