Rebuilding Linda


Linda ONE completed 2007

Built from DJB Engineering parts.  All had to be machined and assembled.  Scratch built cab, saddle tank and tender.  Water carried in the saddle tank and axle pump underneath the smokebox. Coal fired DJB [ David Bailey ] seven tube boiler.  Fully-working Stephenson’s valve gear. 


Linda TWO 2014-15

The boiler never worked, so in 2014  I asked Paul Bailey to design another boiler with four large tubes in a diamond pattern like the very successful one I have in a DJB Robert.  The boiler was made by Cheddar Engineering and came with a blower valve, manual regulator and water gauge.


I modified the blower so that it could be operated from the back of the cab.

I built a large dead-leg lubricator and piped it into the steam line.  I fitted a Roundhouse R/C regulator for the cab servo.


I recycled the chassis and modified a “Robert” grate, which was larger than the original,to fit the frames and the firebox,


I decided to carry the water for the axle pump/boiler in the tender. This was designed with a water tank in the rear and space for the radio receiver, switch and batteries in the front.  This was necessary because previously water carried in the saddle tank was found to boil when the engine was steaming.  I recycled the wheels and axles and the dummy tender axle boxes.  The water tank is removable and has central flexible joints with the engine water lines.


The boiler has a clack valve built in.

The footplate had therefore to carry a bypass valve and the reverser.  I copied the bypass valve from Robert using the recycled blower valve from the “old” Linda.  There is also a quick release connector for putting water from a pump bottle straight into the boiler [supplied by DJB Eng.]


The footplate was remade slightly wider and longer to accommodate these fittings.  The cab had to be remade wider.


The cylinders were stripped and rebuilt with new gaskets.   The smokebox was cleaned and repainted with Halford's high temperature black.  The main steam pipe was fitted with a ¼ by 40 threaded T piece with O rings.  It is quite tricky to line up the cylinder pipes through the sides of the smokebox so that they fit exactly with the t-piece.

The smokebox door was skimmed on the lathe to make it a better seal with the front of the smokebox.

The smokebox has to be sealed airtight at the bottom.  At the same time the only way to fix the nuts on the cylinder bolts is through the bottom of the smokebox.  I made a new plate which screwed directly to the bottom of the smokebox.  This can be removed for

“ deep “ cleaning if necessary.

One of the disadvantages of the old boiler was that the tubes could not be cleaned from the firebox end. With the new design they can.  This is important  because Linda’s smokebox is full of main steam pipes, blower and exhaust pipes, therefore no access for cleaning tubes.

The axle pump was redesigned with a 3/16 stainless ram into a brass body and the old eccentric strap reused. This was mounted below the smokebox with a clack box in front.  Many thanks to Trev Oughton for all his help and expertise in making the ram and clacks.


The previous saddle tank was reused and repainted gloss black, as was the footplate, cab and tender [ Halford's enamel gloss back ].

The lining was done by Chris Cooper with a Peter Spoerer lining pen set. He made plastikard templates for all the shapes needed..a big job.

You can see Linda in action at the Hunslet 150 Gala at Middleton Railway 2105   click here



























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