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Information and photos supplied by Gerry Taylor

Steam up at Paradise East NY


Bill Burgess operates a layout in his Oakville garden. It consists of a double oval of 45mm track with four loading sidings and crossovers which allow for trains to access both lines. It is essentially level on raised piers and does have some basic scenery and buildings at various places around the oval(s). It is about 250' in length. There is also a separate single 32mm oval with loading loop which is inside the 45mm track. Switches aka points are manually operated. Tracks are not dual gauge.
The curves on Bill's layout are of very wide radius and he can operate the bigger wheel-base Gauge One engines with no difficulty. One of his "nicer" engines is a G1 Class 4MT BR standard 4-6-2T tank engine



Gary Rutledge runs the railway now known as the Rutledge Railroad. It is located in Mississauga, Ontario. The name is a play on the old US line - The Rutland Road.  He built it originally to be a logging line called the "Mullet Creek Logging Company".  Gary does like Shays.

It is dual gauge 32 or 45 mm on Sunset Valley track. It extends 200' approximately on raised and landscaped garden beds. It is basically a bendy single track oval or loop folded over on itself once. This provides a bit of a grade at one end and a long viaduct to turn back and cross over the track. There are other viaducts or trestles on the railway to pass rock-cuts and gulleys which are landscaped into the garden.  On the approach to one tunnel, a vole named Vincent has dug himself a nice hole or burrow. In case he gets mail, Gary provided a mailbox...
The railway lends itself well to low geared Shay engines, but really any engine will do well here although for some engines and operators R/C is a definite advantage.



Chris Saunders' Garden Railway is located in Oakville, Ontario and consists of two large ovals (perhaps 400' total) with many feet of passing loops, loading lines and crossover track. In fact, Chris could easily install a third continuous track, although his buildings would need rearranging. It is built on raised supports. Track is mostly LGB and is 45mm. It is level except where frost has had a minor effect on the supports. The track-bed is painted and pressure-treated plywood. At this operating session, battery power was much in evidence which is a bit unusual.



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