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Steam locomotive Projects

Reboilering ‘Burgodonum’ with a Riverdale coal fired boiler - Gerv Wright

Gerv Wright's Merlin WLLR No 14

King of the Scarlets [ Rough Pup and Velinheli ] Andy Cooper

Keith Parkinson's Burma Mines Bagnall

Keith Parkinson's Class "A" Climax

Building " Quintus" - Chris Cooper

Building Jack  Roy Shaw

Mick Brown : From Road to Rail

James Medd: The Exmoor Project

Peter Nutbrown resurrects a unique Roundhouse 0-6-2

Peter Nutbrown renovates Lady Elizabeth [r/c truck]

The Earl : Peter Nutbrown

No 21 Lady Emily [ or MSS Bashing! ] : Peter Nutbrown

Nick Midgley : Beyer Peacock 3' gauge Railmotor

Betty - an Accucraft conversion by Tony Wright

Paul Butler overhauls a Pearse Hunslet No 14

Shay section

Peter Nutbrown fits radio control and rebuilds Accucraft Shay bogies

Derek Round renovates a Shay

Derek Round renovates a 3 truck "Steamlines" Shay

Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Locomotive Section

Welsh Pony and Little Giant Andy Cooper

The Beddgelert Saga Andy Cooper

Designing Double Fairlie James Spooner 1872 FR No8 : Andy Cooper

Building Double Fairlie James Spooner : Andy Cooper

Chris Cooper: Adding lubricators and Linkage to Double Fairlie DLG

Russell : Andy Cooper

Mountaineer : Andy Cooper

The Princess circa 1868 Andy Cooper

Welsh Pony Jack Hartwell

Boiler and Gas tank section

Making a 2" boiler without a water gauge

Making James Spooner's double boiler

Making a replacement gas tank for a Roundhouse small England

Battery Diesel Projects

The Illovo Project - Tony Wright

A Tale of Two Chassis - Tony Wright

Dave Webb goes Electric

Two Hudswells Tony Wright   

Not so simple Simplex Tony Wright

The Jimmy Project James Medd

Almondbury Express Parcels Service

Electric Power : Alan Poxon

Kerr Stuart 677 : Alan Poxon

Dave Webb renovates a Salem Diesel

Alan Poxon: Building a Shed

George Cole : Diesel Project

Keith Parkinson: The Gold Bug : Climax 148

Tony Wright : Using Delrin chain for Drive

Barrie Farman : Industrial Loco

Lineside Buildings Projects

Barrie Farman's Jigstones Projects

Barrie's Jigstone buildings Part 2

Almondbury Buildings Dave Webb

Breary Bank Viaduct Construction: Tony Wright

Building a L&B warehouse Steve Borszowski

Tony Wright recycles some wagons

A French Barn: David Hill

Durango and Colorado Southern Sand House : Richard Cable

Wagon Projects

Penrhyn Section

Gerv Wright builds a Penrhyn coal wagon

Alan Poxon : Lilla and the trouble-free trucks

Alan Poxon: Penrhyn coal and devil wagons

Alan Poxon : ten trucks for the fourth Baron

Alan Poxon : Sanford brake van

Alan Poxon : 3 types of Penrhyn slate wagon

Alan Poxon : miscellaneous Penrhyn quarry wagons

Alan Poxon : Penrhyn Open Carriages

Alan Poxon: Penrhyn Early Brake Vans

Alan Poxon: Five more Penrhyn wagons

FR Section

FR Bolster wagons : Andy Cooper

FR Bogie waggon Circa 1874 : Andy Cooper     

FR Early coal wagon : Andy Cooper

FR Goods Van : Andy Cooper

FR "A" Frame slab "Donkey" wagon : Andy Cooper

Roy Plum: An anti-gravity slate train

Roy Plum: Motorises Spooners' Boat

Resurgam FR slate and RAF kits : Chris Cooper

Mike Gray modifies some LGB Colorado & Southern 45mm gauge stake flats

Adding wagon brake gear : Steve Smith

Alan Poxon : two Vans

Tubs Trams and Hutches : Alan Poxon

Peter Nutbrown : Bogie Logging wagons

Peter Nutbrown: Left-over trucks

Peter Nutbrown: Snow Plough Mk3

Peter Nutbrown : End of an Era [ LGB wagon conversion ]

Roy Plum: Snow Blower

Rob Holmes : electronic upgrade for Guards Van

Alan Poxon: Steam Tram; Horse Trailer


Paul Howard : Weathering wagons

and also see Resurgam FR kits

Military Modelling

Allied Narrow Gauge Bogie Wagons : Alan Poxon

Hudson Raletrux MOD NGF Wagon: Alan Poxon

RAF and Locoals : Alan Poxon

The Spirit of Improvisation : Alan Poxon : WW1 gun carriage wagons

Alan Poxon : Péchot & Bange

Alan Poxon : Twelve Letters, Ending in N P

Alan Poxon : WW1 GB and USA Petrol Locos

Roy Plum : B Type AEC bus

Alan Poxon : Affût-truck

Roy Plum and Alan Poxon : Péchot-Bourdon Locomotive of WW1

Coach Projects

FR coaches

Chris Cooper makes a Jurassic Models TM11 FR Birmingham Open Observation ( Porthole zoo car ) 

Chris Cooper modifies a Brandbright PS19 coach into

Ffestinog Coach No.20 and Coach 19 in Victorian Livery 

David Rhodes builds a Ffestiniog brake No10

Building a NWNGR Metropolitan Workman's coach

First to Third: Chris Cooper modifies an Ashbury coach

Chris Cooper builds a Lineside Hut "Curly Roofed" brake van.

Lineside Hut 1879 FR " Bowsider" : Andy Cooper

FR Carriage No 15 : Chris Cooper

FR Carriage No 21 : Chris Cooper

FR Coach 11 " The Flying Bench" : Chris Cooper

FR Carriages 17, 19, 20, 11 and 12 : Chris Cooper

Rio Grande Caboose : Mick Brown

Leek and Manifold carriages : Graham Pearce


A little winter gardening in Bournemouth: using "scale" plantings: Chris Cooper

Rodger Schofield : Strimming the Edges!

Indoor layouts

Dixon Green 2016 extension Phil Thompson

Mike Gray : Track in the Sky

Detailing Indoor Layouts

Masterful Modelling : work benches : Jeremy Wade

Detailing Portmadoc : Jeremy Wade

Detailing Portmadoc : The Slate Yard : Jeremy Wade

How to make

Simple Jigs and Fixtures by Tony Wright

Sacks with Dave Webb

Etch your own name and works plates by Gerv Wright

Plastikard Modelling

Rick Collett : FR Hearse and Curly Roof Brake

Rick Collett : Lagos Steam Tram

Rick Collett : Gunpowder wagons

Painting and Lining

Michael Bastow : Loco Lining

Points and trackwork

Spring loaded Peco points : Michael Bastow

Two methods for spring loading points : Gerv Wright

Remotely Operated Points by Tony Wright

Electrically operated points by Peter Nutbrown
















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