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December 2022

Bierra and SR Falcon Lawley running at York : Trev Oughton

Palmerston at York ME : Paul Butler

November 2022

Lilla at Lawnswood : Andy Cooper

Shay visiting Old Haydon LR : Paul Howard

Lest We Forget : Alan Poxon

A British Protected Simplex and an American Baldwin Gas Mechanical pause with a French Pechot-Bourdon locomotive in a moment of remembrance as the guns fall silent at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.

Lilla and Hugh Napier at Parkwood : Alan Poxon

C Class at Almondbury : Dave Webb


October 2022

Dusk at Great Willowgarth

LEW with FR coaches on LLR : Trev Oughton

7/8 Hunslet "Silurian" running at York ME : Paul Howard

a very busy ALR : Dave Webb


September 2022

Alco : ALR : Dave Webb

The Earl on the LLR

Double Fairlies James Spooner and DLG double-head

on Mount Dowd at Elsecar : Matthew Widdop

Russell at Aireside : Chris Cooper


August 2022

Parkwood Geared Loco Open Day : Dave Webb

Switching tanks at Crayke : Mick Brown

Three Englands at Charminster: Chris Cooper

Mayumbe Garratt : Paul Howard


July 2022

Gricers at Wasdale Tramway : Rick Collett

Palmerston with goods at Great Willowgarth : John Toseland

Resplendent in Black at York ME : James Medd

Taliesin and James Spooner at Lawnswood: Gerv Wright

June 2022

B Class at Almondbury : Alan Poxon

John Toseland at Saltersbrook

Garratt NGG16 No 184 at Parkwood : Alan Poxon

"Talyllyn" at York ME : Paul Howard


May 2022

Peckett Fenay Beck at Endcliffe Vale Light Railway : Alan Poxon

French WW1 Baldwin Pechot-Bourdons at Nook End Railway: Alan Poxon

A General Electric 45ton side rod diesel of 1958 .

This one is a 3 foot gauge in 1.20.3 scale: Mick Brown at Crayke

Lyn at Almondbury : Alan Poxon

Taliesin at Parkwood: John Toseland


April 2022

Jack at York ME : Alan Poxon

David Lloyd George: Spring at Charminster : Chris Cooper

Steaming up at Lawnswood

Highland Chief at Almondbury : Alan Poxon

March 2022

Yvonne steams on the Wigfa & Llanrwst Light Railway : Rob Holmes

Resting in the sunshine at Crayke : Paul Butler

Linda powers around York Model Engineers: Alan Poxon

Locomotion battery Railbus " Sherlock Homes" : paint restored and loco lining by Chris Cooper, electronics update by Rob Holmes, and interior engine by Nicki Robinson of SLR Models : Charminster Carriage Works

February 2022

Roundhouse "Florence Nightingale" with a passenger train at

Saltersbrook Lane Branch : Alan Poxon

Hunslet No 1 Port Dinorwic type : works number 1429 of 1922:

York ME : Paul Howard

Hugh Napier at Parkwood Railway : Alan Poxon

Linda steam plume : Paul Howard at Crayke

January 2022

Peckett by Mike Lax : Paul Howard

Peckett by Accucraft : Trev Oughton

Late night at Crayke: Mick Brown

A Victorian Lewin Loco : Paul Howard

December 2021

Hohenzollern No 187 : Crayke Hill Railway : Paul Howard

The mail gets through to Crayke : Mick Brown


November 2021

Lilla and Prince at Wimbourne Model Engineers : Chris Cooper

Shades of Heniarth, with scratchbuild WLLR No1 [ with Roundhouse

valve gear and 3D printed bodywork ] and Accucraft Superior

standing in for Joan : Nick Midgley

Shays on Shed at Crayke : Mick Brown

Lest We Forget : Alan Poxon

During the Great War, 1058 petrol locomotives were built by Motor Rail for the War Department Light Railway between 1916 and the end of hostilities in 1918. Here a 20hp Motor Rail Simplex poses with a Protected and an Armoured 40hp Motor Rail Tin Turtle.

October 2021

Rio Grande Southern Railcar No1 : Crayke: Mick Brown

Jacks at York: Paul Howard

Deep in discussion as to why the luggage has ended up in

the loco dept. : Rick Collett

The Elsecar Effect!!!! : Alan Poxon

September 2021

Prince [ No 3 in the first batch ] running for the first time at a public exhibition : Elsecar : Matt Nunn.

Almondbury : Alan Poxon

Crayke Switcher : Mick Brown

August 2021

Almondbury Geared Loco Day : Dave Webb

YME : Russell : Alan Poxon

Almondbury : Alan Poxon

The morning mine supplies train en-route!  Crayke: Mick Brown

Fleggy Beck : Andy Cooper

July 2021

Saltersbrook Branch Open Day : Alan Poxon

Between downpours at Saltersbrook : John Toseland

Crayke's 45mm line : Mick Brown

The Exmoor loco gets its first steaming at Lawnswood : James Medd

June 2021

The Lightline Treatment: Tony Wright

Pearse "Leeds No1". I purchased new in 2005 and it was sent direct to Geoff to apply the lining. He'd researched this from the few available photos of Leeds and come up with the scheme. Collecting the loco from Geoff was the first time I'd met him and he's was generous with his time showing me round his workshop and line as we drank tea and munched on biscuits.

Wrightscale "Bella No14" I purchased this from Peter Dowd who had Geoff apply a weathered work-a-day livery, very different from the lining he is better known for. The loco is signed "Geoff Munday 03".

"Cackler" I purchased from ANG at Elscar in 2017 and is in Dinorwic red with simple orange lining, underneath it is signed "1924 Geoff Munday 10"

Ex Peter Dowd Garratt : Paul Howard

Penrhyn locos : Gerv Wright

Hull and Selby : David Rhodes

May 2021

West Calderbank : Alan Poxon

York Model Engineers : Paul Howard

Prince and Taliesin : Dungeon Bottom Railway : Robert Groom


April 2021

Military Engineering train : LLR : Tony Wright

Almondbury LR : Dave Webb

York Model Engineers: Paul Howard

In Shed for Maintenance : Southgate Light Railway : Rob Holmes


March 2021

"Lady Madcap" : Masham and Colsterdale: Tony Wright

Crayke's 45mm track : Mick Brown : smell the coal!

Simplex Tractor and crew 1917 : Alan Poxon

Spring Epimedium and Shay : LLR

February 2021

Robey drivers are tough! : Paul Howard

Resplendent Taliesin at York ME: Paul Butler

Charminster Goods: Chris Cooper

Myrtle at Almondbury : Alan Poxon


January 2021

Davenport: Paul Hagglund

'DDRAIG BACH' shunts on Melin Llechi : Matthew Widdop

Fleggy Beck Blizzard : Tony Marshall

Late night for Sir Baldrick at Shedholme : Rob Holmes

Shunting goes like clockwork: Welsh Phoney (now lined out and with restored Hornby mechanism) shunting at "Dinas". : Nick Midgley


December 2020

Winter 2007 : Geoff Munday

Taliesin snoozing in the new engine shed: David Rhodes

Mist and Steam : George Cole

Winter watery sunshine at Charminster : Chris Cooper

November 2020

Crayke Hill Railway : Paul Howard. The wages coach ran on the Futwah - Islampur Railway. 

Raising steam? Sir Baldrick : SLR : Rob Holmes

L&M at Great Willowgarth: Dave Webb

The Foxdale branch train on a rainy Sunday. Manx Northern Railway

Sharp Stewart No.1 and brake composite No. 17 (IMR F39: "the Foxdale coach") : Nick Midgley

Penrhyn power: Chris Cooper

October 2020

Herculean effort : Paul Butler

Endcliffe Vale Railway : Dave Webb

Welsh Pony at Charminster : Chris Cooper

The Earl at Crayke LR : Dougie Leaver

September 2020

Silkstone Tramway

Kathleen at Willen LR : Paul Howard

Sumpter Valley Railroad [ or West Calderbank Railway ] Dave Webb

Bagnall at YME: Paul Howard

August 2020

Masham and Colsterdale Railway : Tony Wright

Crayke "DHR" : Paul Howard

SLR Lister : Rob Holmes

Orenstein & Koppel loco with spark arresting chimney: Paul Howard

Black engines at LLR turntable

July 2020

Leeds No1 hard at work on Lawnswood Bank : Tony Wright

Charminster : Chris Cooper : DLG with Victorian stock.

Ferndale : Spot the locos?..David Hill

Crayke Old Jalopy : Mick Brown

June 2020

Double heading Sentinels: York ME : Paul Howard

Traveller : 8 wheel Avonside at York ME : Richard Cable

" Little and Large " Paul Butler at York ME.

This weeks photo is of David Rhodes' railway in 1982....almost 40 years ago!

May 2020

Sharp Stewart 2-4-2 : Peter Nutbrown

Gwynedd : Geoff Munday

VE Day : George Cole

Southgate LR : Rob Holmes

April 2020

Millgates: Steve Borszowski

Bell loco at Crayke : Paul Howard

Fearby Road Station, Masham and Colsterdale Railway : Tony Wright

Moss Bank Mountain Railway staff have rebuilt the little halt; building a platform, a flower bed, a bench, a storage locker and added a solar panel.

Michael Bastow

March 2020

Spring sunshine at Charminster: Chris Cooper

A 21 year old Roundhouse Jack coal-fired by John Shaw running at Crayke : Mick Brown

Shay at Willen LR : Alan Poxon

Alco : Paul Howard


February 2020

Parkwood Railways : Alan Poxon

Lawnswood Light Railway : Dave Webb

Kerr Stuart Sirdar Class : York ME : Paul Howard

Damems Junction : Alwyne King

Wasdale Tramway : Rick Collett

January 2020

Works train [ ex John Orson ] Bagnall P51 at YME: Paul Howard

Parkwood Railways : Alan Poxon

Garratts at Crayke: Mick Brown


December 2019

Christmas Lights on the SLR: Nicki Robinson

The 1934 WHR carriage colour scheme : David Rhodes at York ME

Garratt : Nant Mawr

Livingston Thompson and James Spooner: Nant Mawr

November 2019

Dolgoch Falls : Nant Mawr

Spooner's Porthmadog : Dave Webb

DJB coal-fired saddle tank with scratch-built cab: Graham Pearce : Parkwood Railways

Aireside Autumn sunshine : Alan Poxon

October 2019

Steam by Starlight : Dave Webb

Black is beautiful: Almondbury LR : Alan Poxon

Victorian Weekend: Charminster LR: DLG: Chris Cooper

Amondbury line up : Alan Poxon

September 2019

Great Willowgarth Open Day : John Toseland

Sheep on the Welsh Highland [Wasdale Tramway] : Rick Collett

Almondbury Autumn : Alan Poxon

Endcliffe Vale Open Day : Alan Poxon

August 2019

Going to work in the Silkstone Iron Mines

York Model Engineers: DHR ‘A’ class loco with a rake of scale DHR wagons and coaches : Paul Howard

The Saltersbrook Lane Branch : Alan Poxon

Moss Bank : August Open Day: Alan Poxon

July 2019

Tan y Bryn Open Day

Double - heading Shays at Great Willowgarth : Alan Poxon

Sir Baldrick rolls past the flowers: LLR : Dave Webb

FR gravity train passing through Shed Sidings on the LLR : Dave Webb

Southgate Railway : Ripon and District No 3 : Dave Webb

June 2019

No 14 tackles the Viaducts on the Wigfa & Llanrwst Light Railway:

Trev Oughton

Parkwood NG Railways : Dave Webb

Newly completed coal fired "Bundaberg" type loco with

Riverdale boiler at Foxhill LR : Dave Webb

Bradford Himalayas: Moss Bank Mountain Railway : Dave Webb

May 2019

Huddersfield Shed visits Sheffield ME : Alan Poxon

Florence Nightingale at Almondbury: Dave Webb

VofR No 7 Owain Glyndwr with early teak set on the LLR with euphorbia

April 2019

Yvonne raising steam in Stoneyholme Station on

the Southgate Light Railway : Nicki Robinson

O and K  (Angus built) loco on its maiden trip on the Sherburn Light Railway. The loco is based on Pakis Baru No 1 [now at Statfold] in its original Javanese form: Paul Howard

Accucraft Wren 45mm : Chris Cooper

DLG at the National Show: Chris Cooper :

and to see DLG in action click here

Sorting empties at the peat works: Alan Poxon

March 2019

Dick-Kerr petrol electric locomotive : Alan Poxon

Crayke LR: A Barry Milner built, John Shaw boilered coal-fired 2-6-2 : Paul Howard

Parkwood Railways : Dave Webb

FR/WHR power : York ME : Paul Butler

February 2019

Mossbank Mountain snowdrops : Michael Bastow

Little Diesels day at Parkwood : Alan Poxon

The Earl : LLR

January 2019

NG G13 No 60 "Drakensberg" at Parkwood Railways: Graham Pearce

Gricer : HRM Winter Steam

Almondbury Shunting : Alan Poxon

Waril class "Esme" hauling Sand Hutton wagons at York ME :

Paul Howard

The Breakdown Dept: Alan Poxon

December 2018

Beck "Anna" running on the BLR : Peter Nutbrown

West Calderbank Railway : Alan Poxon

Modelling wizardry from Jeremy Wade : Huddersfield Railway Modellers

November 2018

Moss Bank Autumn : Dave Webb

Tin Turtles 71/4, 16mm and 7/8ths at Parkwood Railways on November 11 : Alan Poxon

When Huddersfield Shed visited Llechfan : Tywyn : Alan Poxon

October 2018

"Loro Verde" or Green Parrot: an England engine from Plastikard

with the motor in the following coach: Rick Collett: Wasdale Tramway

Steam by Starlight : Great Willowgarth..the last steam of the open day season

Restored Perfect World early coaches headed by Robey : Crayke LR :

Paul Howard

YGRS : Dave Webb

Baldwin and Alco at Crayke LR: Paul Howard

September 2018

Seeing Double! ALR: Dave Webb

Mainly red : Tony Wright : Hillside and Big Trees Branch

" James" at Yew Lane Halt : Endcliffe Vale: Dave Webb


August 2018

The Saltersbrook Branch : Dave Webb...and yes it was wet!!

No 14 propels its coach up the spiral at Rivelin Glen

Lawnswood LR : Dave Webb

A "gricer" at Rivelin Glenn


July 2018

Tan y Bryn Viaduct : Dave Webb

WLLR Avonside Gala : Tony Wright

Lilla at Great Willowgarth

Coal carrier : Foxhill Light Railway

Traveller and Ntinyana pass on Foxhill Light Railway : Nicki Robinson

June 2018

Waiting for the train on the Southgate Light Railway: Dave Webb.

Gertrude climbs the bank on the Cookridge and Adel: Lyndon Smith

Coal firing at Crayke : Mick Brown

Jackfest at Moss Bank : Dave Webb

May 2018

The Earl rolling into "The Green" on the LLR.

A veteran Roundhouse Lady Anne resting by Cwm Ddamems water tower : Lyndon Smith

ALR Charity Day : Dave Webb

A three cylinder Shay climbing steadily on Lawnswood LR : Trev Oughton

April 2018

Regner Lumberjack "Leviathan" 7/8 scale : Paul Howard

Charles and "Ajax" working hard at Southgate LR : Nicki Robinson

On Shed at Boston Lodge: Dave Webb

Dixon Green and Saed y Parc all set up and ready to go : Rob Holmes

March 2018

Newly built Clogher Valley tram running on Axeholme LR: Dave Billmore

Three levels at Foxhill

Taliesin and Welsh Pony double-heading at Charminster : Chris Cooper

More ploughing.... Peter Nutbrown

Snow drift at Haxey : Dave Billmore


February 2018

Beyer Peacock No 2817 " Dot" : a finely detailed model by Peter Angus


Talyllyn special : Geoff Munday

Dave Billmore gives his printed sheep an inaugural test ride!

A running day at Parkwood, and Scots Guardsman : Alan Poxon

January 2018

Cheddar "Samson" on the BLR : Peter Nutbrown

Winter sun: Paul Howard

Snow ploughing at Moss Bank : Michael Bastow

The Frostbite Special : Dan Newton

The Frostbite Special : David Cooper

December 2017

Little Giant gets festive

An Archangel loco from way back: Paul Howard at York ME.

Southgate Railway lining inspection  : Nicki Robinson

November 2017

Netherton Moor departures : Geoff Munday

Express Parcels : Dave Webb at the AGM

Betty at Aireside: Trev Oughton

October 2017

Fowler? Aireside Railway Autumn Steam : Dave Webb

Final open day of the 2017 season: Great Willowgarth: Steam by Starlight [and pouring rain]: Trev Oughton

Quarry cleaning: Paul Howard

Charminster LR : Chris Cooper

September 2017

Great Willowgarth September Open Day : Dave Webb

Fairlie super power at Netherton Moor: Geoff Munday

Almondbury September Open Day : Dave Webb

Endcliffe Vale Open Day : Sheffield

August 2017

A Mike Lax masterpiece: York ME: Paul Howard

York Model 16mm Engineers out inspecting the track before the open day : Paul Howard

Huddersfield Shed: ALR : Alan Poxon

Lindley Valley 45mm : Dave Webb

J B Earle attacks the spiral at Rivelin Glen: Trev Oughton

Watering and cleaning : The Wharf LLR

July 2017

Tan-y-Bryn Open Day smog : Dave Webb

Hillside and Big Trees Branch Open Day

LLR : Shed Sidings : Tony Wright

Glorious Garratts - Foxhill LR Open Day

Inaugural Yorkshire Open Day at Southgate Light Railway : Dave Webb

June 2107

Large England FR No 6 " Little Giant" built 1867 heading a train of Victorian stock on Charminster Light Railway : Chris Cooper


May 2017

Fowlers double heading on Moss Bank Mountain Railway : Paul Howard

Merlin " Elizabeth Ann " negotiates the levels on the Llechfan Garden Railway Tywyn : Trev Oughton

Bluebells flowering on Moss Bank Mountain Railway

Pearse Leeds No 1 and Roundhouse Dylan at Rheilfford cwm Damems

Decauville 0-6-0 very smart in all black: running at

Rheilfford cwm Damems

April 2017

Countess heads No 14 on the LLR bank : Trev Oughton

Recreating a 'might have been' is Kerr, Stuart diesel loco on its first trial run on the Masham and Colsterdale railway : Tony Wright.

Hunslet Penrhyn power at NGN  :  Stuart Bass

Newly outshopped Severn Lamb scratchbuilt diesel on its first run :

Paul Howard

March 2017

Large England Little Giant and Hunslet W&LLR No 14 share

Shed Sidings on the LLR.

A rare Roundhouse Beck gets an outing on Roy Shaw's Moss Valley and Lakes Railway : Stuart Mackay

Rotterdam Tram loco by Peter Angus : Paul Howard

February 2017

Galanthus Nivalis enjoying the spring sunshine

Roundhouse Alco : Paul Howard

Llechfan Garden Railway Towyn : Robert Groom

View from the shed : David Rhodes : Beddgelert on duty

January 2017

Sealhadh Carrachan Railway Isle of Mull : Trev Oughton

NGG16 Garratt waiting at Porthmadog for the next train to Beddgelert :

Dave Webb

Alpha by Peter Angus

Grumpy to be out on such a frosty day at YME: Paul Howard

December 2016

L&B " Lyn " on test on the LLR last week..check out the full-size version:

Early ploughing at Moss Bank : Michael Bastow

November 2016

Rick tends to the B class at the AGM

Members enjoying themselves at the recent AGM at

Huddersfield Railway Modellers

45mm Taltree Railway USA : Andy Wilcock