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Yorkshire Group AGM

Saturday 10 November 2018

Chairman’s opening remarks:

WELCOME EVERYONE and thank you for coming to the Yorkshire 16mm Group AGM .

Thanks once again to HRM for hosting the meeting.

Review 2017-18

Again we had a very well attended New Year Steam up in Yeadon with 16mm members from far and wide.  Thanks again to John Orson for organising this and to those who organise all the catering.  

Thanks also to Ted and Phil who always have the responsibility of getting our layouts there.

Ted has let me know that after looking after Mount Dowd and its trailer for a very long time, he would like to relinquish the responsibility for storing and transporting the layout to events.

Dave Taylor volunteered to take over this responsibility.

Dixon Green/Saeed-y-parc  was at The National Shyow, and will return in 2019.

We had a very enjoyable Group Trip to Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway, a line ride and a shed tour and lunch!

The Exhibition year finished with a the Yorkshire Garden Railway Show held at Richard Dunn Sports Centre in Bradford. A lot of volunteers helped get the show up and running.  Thanks to them.

Nicki set up the Yorkshire Group Facebook page and she and Rob have worked hard to keep the Facebook Group up to date.

Open Days were very popular. The weather was rather good throughout the summer except for Nick’s Bank Holiday Open Day where it poured all of the time!!

The three midweek Sheds seem to go from strength to strength.

The Yorkshire Group has had good coverage both in SMT [ quite a few back and front covers!! ] and the Bulletin where our regular photographers have featured. Look out for the November issue!! 

You will have noticed that John Orson is retiring as a Director at this meeting.  I have known John since the mid 1990s when he joined the Association and came to steam at Narrow Gauge North on the old Mount Dowd, then in Lawnswood School’s subterranean gym.

John was involved in the organsing of the National Show when it was held at Stoneleigh, and he has served as a Director of the 16mm Association.

In 2002 the Yorkshire Group was asked to take over the Association’s Autumn Convention  held at Elsecar.  Our first show was held in 2003.   John was Chairman of the Elsecar Committee which then became the Yorkshire Group of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers Ltd in 2007.  

His expertise and wisdom have served the Yorkshire Group very well,  and I know many of you, including me, have benefitted from his electronic expertise.   Long may this continue….

Formal business of the meeting.

Apologies received from

Dave Webb, Alan and Marie Simpson, Stewart Liles, James Medd,

Tony Wright, Dave Billmore, Rick Collett, Steve Borszowski, Robert Groom, Alwynne King,

Andy Wilkinson

First item is to receive the accounts for the period ended 30 June 2018  and the Directors’ report and the accountant’s report .

Phil ran through the main aspects of the accounts and the results of the 2017 Elsecar Show where a profit of £2000 was recorded before tax. Because MD has no value in the books, having fully depreciated over time, we paid £576 in tax. Cash in the bank was £15,900

The Questions to the Treasurer focussed on ways to reduce the tax bill which included replacement of a trailer; make less profit !For acceptance of the Accounts   Unanimous   Against   0    Abstentions 0

No Proxy votes have been received.

Election of Directors

At the our ninth annual general meeting Gerv Wright, Andy Cooper and John Orson will retire by rotation. Gerv and Andy offer themselves for re-election as directors, John is retiring.

Gerv  For   All Against  0 Abstentions 0

Andy  For  All Against 0 Abstentions 0

No proxy votes received

Gerv and Andy were therefore re-elected as Directors  

Informal business

Yorkshire Garden Railway Show Report  2018

Phil reported that the Show had made a £2,500 profit which despite the reduced attendance was a positive result. Most of the profit was made on Saturday.

There were a number of positive comments about the venue and a number of suggestions about how to encourage more members and the public to attend.

Directors’ proposals for 2019

The first proposal concerned the the place and the date of the 2019 Yorkshire Garden Railway Show.

The Chairman explained that at their most recent meeting the Directors considered that there is a high risk of the new Richard Dunn Sports Centre not being ready for October 2019.  Publicity would have been organised and to change the venue, albeit back to the old sports centre close by, would have caused difficulties. They also realised that the proposed October weekend clashes with other Narrow Gauge Events.

Phil volunteered to explore the possibility of going back to Elsecar for 2019.  Originally we were told that the end of September date had been booked. Now we have been told that Saturday 28th September is available [ but not Sunday 29 September ].

Therefore we have booked Elsecar Heritage Centre Ironworks Building 21 for the Yorkshire Garden Railway Show on 28th September 2019 with setting up on Friday 27th from 2pm.

We may in the future go back to two days for the Show. This will depend on persuading Elsecar to enter into a firm agreement in future years, and, of course, how well visitors support the 2019 Show.

We intend to keep the name of the Show as The Yorkshire Garden Railway Show , now back at Elsecar Heritage Centre

This initiative was welcomed by the members. 

The Chairman pointed out that the Yorskshire Group had built up some reserves. The Directors therefore proposed that in future years at least 50% of the profits of the Show go to a local charity.

This was welcomed by the members. One suggestion received was the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Expenditure would have to be made in relation to DG trailer maintenance : and MD maintenance and storage: A DG/SP fiddle yard boards giving more interest when assembled as a small layout was approved.

Events and Open days 2019. The draft schedule was circulated and will appear on the website in Diary dates.

Website report

The web manager reported that this year has seen further increase in the Yorkshire 16mm website traffic.  70,000 pages read and 485,000 hits to 6 November.  We are on track to exceed the 77,000 pages read last year.

Thanks to all the photographers who keep Trains in the Landscape, Photo of the week, and NEWS supplied with such outstanding material.

The FOR SALE section again moved a surprising amount of engines and stock.

The Facebook page has 254 followers as of 2ndNovember 2018.

Nicki posts the group Photo of the Week on the page every Sunday (or as close as possible) and then this is shared to a couple of groups.

One of these is the 16mm Association Group which has over 2000 members.

Video’s filmed at open days are also shared on the page, when available. In future we could also post photo’s on the page too, basically anything that gets put on the website can go on the Facebook page too. During the week before and after the 2018 show, the page peaked at about 1500 people reached by posts. This is due to the posts having been shared to many more groups than I share the Photo of the Week to.

The Event page for the show has a peak reach of 426 people on the Sunday of the show.

The John Orson Award was awarded to Nicki Robinson for creative video making for Yorkshire 16mm Steam, where you can see Southgate Light Railway videos of most open days.

AOB No items were received  by 5 November.

Andy Cooper  

Chairman and Secretary  

12  November 2018























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