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Yorkshire Group AGM Agendas and Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting  

11 November 2017 held at                                             

Huddersfield Railway Modellers Ltd First Floor Stonefield Mills,

Tanyard Road, Milnsbridge, HD3 4NB


Directors:  Andy Cooper [ Chairman and Company Secretary ], Stuart Currie, David Hill, David Mason, John Orson,  Phil Thompson [ Treasurer ]

Gerv Wright  [ Exhibitions Manager ] Dave Webb [ Publicity ]

Michael Bastow [Stewarding]

Web Manager- Andy Cooper    


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked HRM for hosting the meeting and getting Nant Mawr up and running for steaming and for finishing Portmadoc in time for the Elsecar Show. Including the Directors there were 38 people at the meeting.

Review of the 2016-17 season.

We had a very well attended New Year Steam up in Yeadon.  Thanks again to John Orson for organising this and to those who organise all the catering.  It was the second year for Narrow Gauge North in Pudsey Civic Hall. Mount Dowd attended.

Dixon Green/Saed-y-parc was at Peterborough in its largest version and also at a very dark and cold Elsecar Sentinel Gala.

We attended the Northern Model Engineering Exhibition at Doncaster with Mount Dowd.

The Exhibition year finished with a very enjoyable Elsecar Show.

A new television for Mount Dowd was sourced by John and Phil made the stand.  Thanks to them. Thanks also to Nicki and Rob who have made some electronic wizardry for the mining section of Saed-y-parc which was first seen at the Elsecar Show.

A lot of people put in a lot of work behind the scenes to enable all the above to happen. Thanks to these individuals who keep the Yorkshire Group alive and well.


21 Open Days were organised and four new railways were added to the list.  Graham Pearce has set up the Huddersfield and District Shed this year and has recently made space for an indoor railway..


And this year has seen another increase in the Yorkshire 16mm website traffic.  65,000 pages read and 489,000 hits to 6 November.  We are on track to exceed the 70,000 pages read last year.  The FOR SALE section has been very successful.

The Yorkshire Group has had good coverage both in SMT and the Bulletin where our regular photographers have featured. November SMT will include a double page of Yorkshire members’ photographs.

Apologies have been received from Peter Bryant, Stuart Mackay, Geoff Munday,

Peter Nutbrown, Dave Taylor,  James Medd and Gerv Wright.

Formal business of the meeting.

The accounts for the period ended 30 June 2017 and the Directors’ report and the accountant’s report were accepted unanimously by the members. No Proxy votes were received. 

The Treasurer went through the accounts mentioning that the 2016 Elsecar Show had generated the highest ever surplus.  Profit was about the same as last year.

Election of Directors

At the our ninth annual general meeting Michael  Bastow, David Mason and Dave Webb retired by rotation and offered  themselves for re-election as directors.

After voting, Michael, David and Dave were elected as Directors. No Proxy votes were received. 

Informal business of the meeting

Elsecar Garden Railway Show Report  2017 

Phil told the members that the profit of £3900 was a record for the Elsecar Show.  Visitor numbers, however, were on average over the weekend 11% down.  The Directors had noted that traders reported this was a common feature of all shows this year.

There was a discussion about the efficacy of certain types of publicity. It was suggested that some A4 posters may be useful to distribute to Model Railway Societies. Dave described what he had done with Elsecar flyers this year and that the Directors had sanctioned an increase in flyers for next year.  Nicki volunteered to promote the Show on Facebook from early September. 

Directors’ proposals for 2018

The first concerned our attendance at the Doncaster Model Engineering Exhibition. The Directors discussed this issue at their September Meeting.

The discussion ranged around :

The number of members supporting steaming at this event has declined:  20 on Friday; 19 on Saturday; 17 on Sunday.  Of these at least 10 did two days and a few all 3 days.  Of course this did not include setting up on Thursday, thus some people attended for 4 days.

The days are long : 9 - 5.30 [ Sunday 4.30 ]  This means a lot of steaming slots. 

The car park is quite a way from the venue and across a main road dual carriageway.  A factor as we get more infirm!

Parking facilities for disabled visitors is poor. 

Cost to members is rising : Doncaster is a fair journey for those living in for example Leeds, York, Ripon,Huddersfield, Sheffield, Hull. Multiply that by 3 days and the cost is not inconsiderable. 

The venue is in a dingy basement with little natural light.  

The show had fewer visitors and not many appeared  interested in Garden Railways.  [ NB Roundhouse did not return this year ] 

We received a fee for out attendance which has to cover MD transport costs for the layout and gas.  

The Directors agreed unanimously that, for the above reasons, the 16mm Yorkshire Group  withdraw their support from NMEEx in 2018.


Members agreed with the Directors’ proposal.

Ted was asked to convey this decision to the organisers of the Northern National Model Engineering Exhibition when he was contacted.

16mm Events and Open days 2018

The Secretary briefly took members through the Open Day Schedule for 2018 which will be published now on the website and in the February Bulletin.

Exhibitions 2018

Narrow Gauge North is scheduled for 11 March.  We do not yet know if we are invited.  Details will appear on the website in due course.

Elsecar 2018

The Chairman explained that after the Show  the Directors contacted Elsecar to confirm our 2018 weekend booking only to be told that Barnsley Council had no knowledge of our booking. Apparently the booking has changed to a central Council system not based at Elsecar Heritage Centre. Thus, the Sundays of the weekends in September and October are booked to other organisations.  We have been told that some Saturdays including 29 September are available. This is very much like the time when Barnsley booked a concert on our setting up Friday.

Therefore during  the Directors’ Elsecar Review meeting last week we went to look at alternative Sports Hall venues in Sheffield which are close to the motorway. 

The Directors are of the opinion that our Autumn Show should remain at 2 days if at all possible and it was decided at the meeting to :

Find out if Elsecar was free for 29 September [ with Friday set up ] and what would be the cost of a one day event.

Book Elsecar for two days in 2019

Cost Ecclesfield Sports Centre and Hall as an alternative 2 day venue.

Update : Elsecar was not available for the weekend we wanted in 2019 for one or two days.

Members discussed the various alternatives:  A Friday /Saturday format, a Saturday only format; the pros/cons of moving to a Sports Hall; the suitability of Sports Halls and the cost; the pros and cons of continuing at Elsecar. 

Members expressed the collective view that they enjoyed having the Show at Elsecar in Building 21 and would be very reluctant to leave that venue.  A number of positive reasons were given. A one day show in 2018 was the preferred option. 

On the other hand, because Barnsley Council insist on “reservations” and not for example  “ 3 year contracts ” we could have the same thing happen to us in the future.

The Directors were tasked with coming up with a suitable solution.

The John Orson Award : this year the award went to David Hill for the development of the mining section on Saed-y-Parc.

AOB    No items have been received from members.

One from the Directors’ last meeting.


A proposed visit to the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway on  Wednesday 11 July 2018

A charter train or carriages, talk, shed tour and buffet for about £15 depending on the numbers. The Secretary would circulate the arrangements to members. Members would make their own travel arrangements but sharing vehicles would be a good idea.  Members expressed the view that they would support this trip.

The Secretary agreed to organise it. 


Attendance   =     38                                  The meeting closed at 14.03


Andy Cooper


12 November 2017






















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