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Endcliffe Vale Light Railway - Jim Bryant

After over 30 years at ‘Hazeldean’ we moved house a short distance within Sheffield in August 2013.  The move obviously necessitated dismantling the Hazeldean Light Railway, seen here in its original manifestation at the 2004 Open Day:
















It had been a tightly constrained, tree-lined landscape and there was great appeal in working on a clearer fresh canvas at our new house:

















Our Bason Bridge (Somerset & Dorset JR) lookalike shed moved with us but otherwise nothing more was done outside during a winter of cogitation. 

The initial plan was for a dumbbell layout with a loop around the shed (at the upper end of the site) and the other on raised supports at the lower end of the boundary hedge.  In Summer 2014

I laid concrete blocks for the trackbed around the shed and had a support wall added:
















The route needed to pass behind a large willow tree and wary of roots I decided to span the distance with a V-beam constructed from decking boards on which further decking boards would provide the trackbed.
















Other commitments meant that it was July 2015 before the route could be extended.  By this time I had relocated the site for the lower loop of the dumbbell and had had walls for a raised bed constructed to support it.  Meantime the process of making V-beams to support the track became addictive and I have been busy lengthening the layout in this way as well as making a start on a spiral round our yew tree that is needed to achieve the necessary change in levels.

















At the time of writing (September 2015) it is not clear how much will be achieved before the winter ‘shut down’ but I’ll update this page as and when!






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