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These items are being sold from a members' bequest to the Yorkshire Group.

An elderly Lady Ann which appears in good condition.

It does have servos for regulator and reverser [ old large type ] but no transmitter.

Receiver will need updating. Cab back slides out. NB. Double buffers.

Gas fired.

£ 350

I tested the Lady Ann on blocks. Burner lit first time. Batteries are under cab floor; receiver is in the roof ..easy access. Came up to steam easily: no leaks from anywhere. Blew off at 40lbs.

Ran like a sewing machine with no noise from valve gear despite being on blocks. Tried forward and reverse ..all fine...slow running really good.
Paintwork all original and fine except for small areas on the cab roof where the back goes on and off.

If more than one person interested, lots will be drawn for this loco at the New Year Steam up.

Please express your firm interest by end of December.

Can be seen at Andy Cooper's.


4 balcony end 4 wheel wooden coaches with plastic running gear

and double buffers. Roofs are removable. Large for 16mm

Offers accepted.



2 Welshpool wooden brake vans Brandbright plastic running gear etc

£10 each

Please contact Andy Cooper at















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