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Alan Poxon's Electric Power

Pickering Steam Railcar

Scratch-built battery-powered NG version of the Pickering Steam Railcar built in 1905 to Colonel Stephens design for his K&ESR (Kent & East Sussex Railway).

The model uses a PDF Models motor & gearbox unit driving wheels set to 32mm. The 12V battery pack is housed under the passenger deck and is linked to a PWM controller that is operated by turning the chimney. The wiring harness, that includes switch, recharging socket and fuse, is by RC Trains.

On the prototype, the rear luggage compartment also housed controls for the driver when operating in reverse. The passenger steps were to facilitate more pick-up points, away from station platforms.


The Woodhead Line meets 16mm.

Inspired by the EM1/Class76 locos that I watched from my living room window.

The frame and bodywork are wood laminated with plasticard. Rivets (all 784) are NailArt and louvres are custom printed by SLR.

Power is supplied by a Essel power bogie. Rear bogie is currently unpowered but there is provision to slot in another Essel unit.

Some external detail (end handrails, twin airhorns, sandboxes & roof ventilators) still to be added.Timpdon RC and ACME soundcards.

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