Lyndon Smith's Black Rock Mountain Railway

Preview :

In a similar guise to last time, it is going to be a mountain railway, although the gradient is slackened to about 1:50, for about 25 metres sustained, climbing about 0.5m.

The ruling radius is 1.2m, which is about my worst parameter for visiting locos. Headroom is intended to be at least 200mm from rail head, possibly 210mm, so there will be few 16mm locos it can't accommodate height wise. The main trackbed is 160mm wide, and I'm aiming for a further 10mm each side of this clearance where there is bridge infrastructure on the 1.2m radius curves. I'm pretty sure this is enough to clear a RH VoR with a little margin. I haven't accurately measured the round length, but think it is around 70m.

It will be a constant loop run, not end to end, which should ease congestion and traffic difficulties. Whether a more 'challenging' branch line is ever constructed, subject to the relevant planning permissions, is currently unknown.

More to follow:

The start of track laying June 2020

Evening construction train

July 2020 : main circuit complete



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