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ARCHIVE for Trains in the Landscape 2013 to Dec 2021

December 2021

Earl of Merioneth heads out into the snowy landscape : Chris Cooper

Llanberis Lake Railway : Tony Wright

The Cob : Dave Webb

November 2021

FR : Harbour Station : Tony Wright

WLLR : Dave Webb

Token Change at Castletown; IoM; Gerv Wright

Motor Rail 20hp Simplex from 1918, with Works Number 997, was built for the Western Front and carried the WDLR number LR2718. Currently becoming part of the landscape as it awaits restoration : Alan Poxon

October 2021

Built in the 1930s by the Rio Grande Southern Railroad and operated until the end of service on the line in the early 1950s, the “ Galloping Goose”  railcars  were derived from full-sized automobiles. This replica is built on a Morris commercial chassis : Statfold : Dave Webb

Groudle Glen IoM: Stewart Liles

Stewart Liles

The first public outing of restored Avonside OGWEN at Apedale, running in its pre Penrhyn guise of DURHAM as when it worked for Durham County Water Board on the construction of Burnhope Reservoir in 1933.

Taliesin: Alan Poxon

September 2021

Englands : Alan Poxon

823 : Dave Webb

WLLR : Dave Webb

August 2021

Thomas Bach at Llanberis Lake Railway : Stuart Mackay

Superior at Whipsnade on successful test with briquettes made from rape seed waste: further tests are planned: Phil Thompson

Tanybwlch : Chris Cooper

1937 Cockerill built NGG16 No 87 with the Gelert Explorer : WHR :

Stuart Mackay

Blanche : Steve Smith

July 2021

Five Quarry Hunslets: Stewart Liles at Statfold

Cloister, Jack Lane , Sybil Mary, Britomart and Statfold

Lilla : Dave Webb at Statfold

VoR back in service : Steve Borszowski

In need of a little TLC : Alan Poxon at Embsay


June 2021

Porthmadog : Prince : Dave Webb

LYD now back in service : Andy Wilkinson

Hugh Napier : Tony Wright

Statfold Barn : Dave Webb

May 2021

Ty Fry bridge : Welsh Pony : Dave Taylor

First train : FR back in steam: Andy Wilkinson


April 2021

Threlkeld : Stewart Liles

FR works train: Tony Wright

HE1215 of 1916 : Apedale : Stewart Liles

In Shed : Boston Lodge : Steve Borszowski


March 2021

Bala : Tony Wright

DLG hauls the service train clear of Garnedd tunnel : Andy Wilkinson

Brush Battery loco 16303 of 1917. Worked at HM Explosives Factory, Queensferry, Flintshire : Apedale: Stewart Liles

WHR: Gerv Wright

February 2021

Brecon Mountain Railway : Stewart Liles

Taliesin: Hafod y Llyn: Tony Wright

Lilla and Britomart at Boston Lodge: Stewart Liles

Russell at Ynysfor : Tony Wright

January 2021

Davenport: Dave Webb at Statfold

" Britomart " from a slide taken in 1967 : Jack Sharples

Mountaineer at Tanygrisiau : Gerv Wright

Welsh Pony at Porthmadog : Chris Cooper

December 2020

Hunslet Ladies: Gerv Wright

WHR : Russell : Gerv Wright

Taliesin and Merddin Emrys : Cnicht in cloud : Tony Wright

Taliesin : Boston Lodge: Andy Wilkinson

November 2020

Bala Lake : Tony Wright

Apedale: Geoff Munday

FR : Tony Wright

"Kissack" IoM Railway : Stewart Liles

FR : Tony Wright

October 2020

Hunslet Harold FR : Boston Lodge Works : Chris Cooper

Hudswell Clarke GP39 at Threlkeld : Stewart Liles

Welsh Pony at Tan-y-Bwlch : Chris Cooper

W&LLR Countess : Steve Borszowski

September 2020

No 5 at Minnfordd : Stewart Liles

LYD : Ffestiniog Railway : Alan Poxon

Cloister and Sybil Mary at Statfold in August : Stewart Liles

Bagnall at Threlkeld : Sir Tom runs around the train: Phil Thompson


August 2020

K1 Garratt newly restored: Statfold: Stewart Liles

NDM-6 and Class B, Darjeeling Station : Paul Howard

Ex Abbey Light Railway Kirkstall Leeds : Stewart Liles

Statfold : Orenstein & Koppel No 614 built in 1900 for Pakis Baru

sugar mills in Indonesia : Dave Webb

Statfold : Stewart Liles

July 2020

Night falls a Llanfair : Stewart Liles

Merddin Emrys at Tanybwlch : Tony Wright

North Bay Railway : Alan Poxon

Statfold Goose : Stewart Liles

June 2020

Crossing the Cob: Gerv Wright

Threlkeld : Alan Poxon

Porthmadog : Stewart Liles

Garratt 138 at Pont Ynsferlas : WHR: Tony Wright

Henschel 15968 of 1918 : Stewart Liles

May 2020

A Baldwin 2-8-2 (Mikado), one of 6 supplied in 1946 for the 3’6” gauge Ferrocarril del Sur in Costa Rica. The line was built mainly to haul bananas along the Pacific coast and was finally closed in 1982. I came across this loco abandoned on a short spur at the Northern terminus at Palmar Sur :

Paul Howard.

Shunting Minffordd Yard : Tony Wright

Taliesin pilots Merddin Emrys at Salem : Tony Wright

Boston Lodge : Steve Borszowski

April 2020

Taliesin at Caenarfon : Tony Wright

W&LLR in 1988 : Dave Webb

Threlkeld : Alan Poxon

West Lancs : Stewart Liles

March 2020

Merddin Emrys takes on water at Tan-y-Bwlch : Tony Wright

Maeklong Railway Thailand : Paul Howard

Baldwin 44656 of 1917. After WW1 it saw service on the NW Frontier in the 3rd Anglo-Afghan War : Stewart Liles


February 2020

Tom Rolt : Tallylyn Railway : Tony Wright

Prince and Russell: Ynysfor ; WHR : Gerv Wright

Hunslet 1215 : Snowdon Street Porthmadog : Tony Wright

K1 : Chris Cooper

This loco has now been transferred to Statfold Barn for restoration this year.

January 2020

Works Train FR Baguley-Drewry Castell Criccieth : Steve Smith

Snowdon and Taliesin : Gerv Wright

WHR Waunfawr : Tony Wright

Wellington Cable Car : Funicular 3'3" gauge Railway from Lambton Quay to Kelburn Top [Botanic Gardens] Opened in 1898: originally powered by steam winding engine : Trev Oughton


December 2019

Alco Mountaineer : Tanybwlch 2014 : Andy Wilkinson

Garratt: north of Beddgelert : WHR : Tony Wright

Coaling at Porthmadog: Paul Varey

November 2019

Talyllyn : Geoff Munday

Porthmadog departure: Paul Varey

FR Victorian Weekend : Alan Poxon

Cockerill built No 87 at Dinas WHR : Stewart Liles

October 2019

Glyder [ Barclay No 1994 of 1931 ex Penrhyn Quarries ] at Beamish :

Paul Howard

Approaching Devil's Bridge: VoR: Gerv Wright

Victorian Weekend: Ffestiniog Railway : DLG : Les Lilley

VoR : Gerv Wright

September 2019

Crowle Peatland Railway : Alan Poxon

The Cob : Paul Varey

W&LLR September Gala : Gerv Wright

W&LLR Gala 2019 : Dave Webb

August 2019

Mallet No 11 storms into Obersizzen with the Vulcan express on the Brohltalbahn railway in Germany : Stuart Mackay

Vale of Rheidol : Approaching Devil's Bridge : Gerv Wright

Talyllyn: Stewart Liles

Vale of Rheidol : Gerv Wright

Taliesin at Ynysfor : Tony Wright

July 2019

WHR Gala : Chaloner : Tony Wright

Chakas Kraal No 6 and Tourska at Toddington : Gerv Wright

Russell and Prince at Hafod y Llyn : Tony Wright

Loading up at Statfold Barn: Dave Webb

No 3 Ripon and District : Dave Webb

June 2019

What a Train!  What a Landscape!  What a Day! Geoff Munday 

Friday June 21st:  At the end of its first day in revenue-earning passenger service on the old W H R for over 80 years, Russell heads back down Aberglaslyn Pass from Beddgelert with a train of ex-W H R stock, on an evening special as part of the FR/WHHR ‘Past, Present and Future’ weekend.

"Driver Experience" Tallylyn Railway : Paul Howard

Some spectacular steam effects : Harz : Gerv Wright

The final run at Adrian Shooter's garden line: Stuart Mackay

May 2019

Statfold Barn: Stewart Liles

New build LYN climbing the bank towards Woody Bay : Lynton and Barnstaple : Stuart Mackay

Spring primroses at Tanybwlch : Andy Wilkinson

April 2019

WD 303 raising steam at Statfold : Stewart Liles

Towyn: Stewart Liles

Departure from Towyn : Alan Poxon

DLG at Blaenau Ffestiniog : Andy Wilkinson

Jack : Stewart Liles at Statfold

March 2019

Two Fairbanks-Morse speeders supplied to the US army. They had no clutch so couldn't be operated slowly : Stewart Liles at Apedale.

How about a loco from Leeds UNDER a mountain?
Picture the scene: I'd driven half way across Europe for a trip or two on a narrow gauge railway operating steam trains on normal scheduled services.  As the train pulled away from a small halt, I spied a collection of NG railway equipment parked under an opened-sided shed.  A visit the next day revealed a Greenbat operating a tour into a "Steinkohl" mine.  It was an interesting tour on the railway underground - the Erlebniswelt Rabensteiner Stollen : Phil Thompson

At Mayrhofen on the Zillertalbahn, the daily steam service runs around its train ready for the return run.  Looks like it's being fired with a collection of old boots! Phil Thompson

On the Brohltalbahn, this beautifully-turned out Mallet tank heads the morning service out of Brohl-Lutzing.  At Oberzissen, two-thirds of the way along the route, two diesels take over, working hard to haul the train up to the top of the hill at Engeln - with gradients as steep as 1 in 20 :

Phil Thompson

February 2019

The Brocken is a mountain slightly higher than Snowdon, yet the railway gradient to the top isn't the steepest on the Harz system and there's space for three long trains at the top!  In the background, the once-a-day "Traditionszug" waits to return to Wernigerode whilst the normal service train arrives from Drei Annen Hohne :

Phil Thompson

Southwold Railway : Trev Oughton

"Leader" Kerr-Stuart Brazil Class 0-4-2ST No 926 of 1905 : Sittingbourne and Kemsley Railway : Stewart Liles

Tom Rolt :Tallylyn : Geoff Munday

January 2019

FR: Harbour Bridge NG G16 No 138: Alan Poxon

0-6-2RT 8003 manufactured by Cail in 1891. Odontotos Rack Railway Greece: Andy Wilcock

Coaling and service after last trip of the day : Porthmadog : Andy Wilkinson

10hp Baguley No 760 ordered by the Board of Trade Timber Supplies Dept in 1918 : Stewart Liles

Last Santa train of 2018 crosses Britannia Bridge : Andy Wilkinson

December 2018

Chaka's Kraal No6 : Hunslet 2075 of 1940 supplied to Chaka's Kraal Sugar Estates Natal, South Africa : WHR : Gerv Wright

Alice :Bala: Stewart Liles

Llanfair W&LLR : one lump or two? Steve Borszowski

Coonoor Station, Nilgiri Railway, India: Paul Howard

Two of the oil fired SLM (Swiss Locomotive and Machine works) X class 0-8-2 metre gauge rack drive locos. Built between 1925 and 1952, the high pressure cylinders drive the adhesion wheels, the low pressure cylinders drive the rack wheels.


November 2018

Castleton Light Railway : North Yorkshire : Stewart Liles

Last Vehicle : Chris Cooper

New livery for Harlech Castle: FR: Andy Wilkinson

October 2018

Garratt 143 leaving Boston Lodge new carriage sheds: Alan Poxon

Alan Keef VB tram built for Telford Town Park Tramway and now resident at Telford Steam Railway : Alan Poxon

Towards Boston Lodge from Ferris Wheel : FR Victorian Weekend :

Andy Wilkinson

Inside Boston Lodge : Steve Borszowski

Running repairs : Baldwin 4-6-0 w/n 44656 1917 L.R. 778 :

Apedale : Lyndon Smith

September 2018

North Ings Farm : Alan Poxon ..ex East Anglia Water Ruston

and from Stuart Mackay...very similar small diesels....

Llanfair WLLR : Dave Webb

Corris Superpower! : O&K 0-4-0DH No 25721 Built 1957 : Nick Midgley


August 2018

David Lloyd George near Tanygrisiau : Stuart Mackay

Get the best view: Travelling in style on the Bernina Express Switzerland: Michael Bastow

Talyllyn : Steve Smith


July 2018

The ultimate Garden Railway : Beeches LR Oxfordshire: Stewart Liles

Tracks to the Trenches : Apedale : Alan Poxon

HE 1215 of 1916 at Apedale : Stewart Liles

Corris No 7 : Alan Poxon

Busy Porthmadog : Hunslet 125 celebration: Tony Wright

June 2018

Isibutu at Statfold : Alan Poxon

Sybil Mary at Statfold : Tony Wright

Fenella on the climb from Douglas to Port Soderick : Gerv Wright

Fenella at Castletown

Maid Marion and Alice at Bala : Stewart Liles

May 2018

Reflections at Statfold : Tony Wright

Woody Bay : Lynton and Barnstaple Railway : Steve Smith

and those beautiful coaches : Chris Cooper

Dolbadarn at Llanberris Lake Railway : Stewart Liles

David Lloyd George looking resplendent at Porthmadog: Alan Poxon

April 2018

FR Baldwin diesel " Moelwyn " with Van No 1 at Minfford: Andy Wilkinson

Drewry shunting at Woody Bay : L&B : Chris Cooper

Preparing the Bagnall and Peckett : Paul Howard: Statfold 2018

March 2018

Bala Lake Railway: Hunslet "Holy War" : Alan Poxon

K1 takes on water at Rhyd Ddu WHR : Tony Wright

Victorian livery: Chris Cooper

Prince enjoying the winter sunshine: FR Porthmadog: Dave Webb

Repairing No 14 at Welshpool Raven Square : Tony Wright

February 2018

Bala Lake : Alice : a view from the footplate : Stewart Liles

Earl of Merioneth leaving Porthmadog: Tony Wright

Tallylyn Wharf Station : Geoff Munday

Lilla and Britomart at Boston Lodge : Stewart Liles

January 2018

K1 Garratt pilots "Vale of Ffestiniog" on the WHR : Tony Wright

Talyllyn spring sunshine : Geoff Munday

NGG16 at Harbour : Paul Howard

Remember those warm summer days? Statfold Garden line: Tony Wright

Earl of Merioneth leaves Porthmadog : Andy Wilkinson


November 2017

Taliesin and Prince ready to depart Porthmadog : Andy Wilkinson

Some interesting machines on the Tanat Valley Railway : Stewart Liles

Prince at Dduallt : Andy Wilkinson

October 2017

Ashton Packet Boat Company, Guide Bridge, Manchester : Stewart Liles

Corris No 7 : Stewart Liles

Lilian : Launceston Railway : Stewart Liles

Taliesin resplendent outside Harbour Station: FR Victorian Weekend 2017:

Chris Cooper

Tallylyn: Tom Rolt: Stewart Liles

September 2017

West Lancs 50th Anniversary : Cloister, Irish Mail, Alice, Stanhope

and Joffre: Alan Poxon

WHR : Aberglaslyn Pass : Nicki Robinson

and for an aerial view  click here

W&LLR September Gala : Superb and Joan : Dave Webb

August 2017

Taliesin FR Blaenau Ffestiniog : Stewart Liles

Alp Grum station on the Italian side of the Bernina Pass, 2091m above sea level. Top left is one of the snow covered peaks of the Palu Glacier :

Phil Thompson

Jack Lane and Cloister at the West Lancs August Gala: Dave Webb

FR : Tony Wright

WHR : Tony Wright

July 2017

Owl and Hawk : Kirklees LR : Dave Webb

Fintown Railway : former County Donegal Joint Committee. There are five or six Railcars in various states of preservation. No18 is the only working example : Steve Smith

FR: Minnfordd : Geoff Munday

Wernigerode : Brocken Mountain Railway : Michael Bastow

Springfield Agricultural Railway , Huntingdon : Stewart Liles

June 2017

The Spiral : Trev Oughton

The Cob FR : Trev Oughton

May 2017

Palmerston FR Harbour: Stewart Liles

O&K 2378 Utrillas being prepared at West Lancs Hesketh Bank :

Cedric Binns

Porthmadog FR Quirks and Curiosities Weekend : Andy Wilkinson

Isaac at Woody Bay : Lynton and Barnstaple Railway : Stuart Mackay

ISAAC - Bagnall No. 3023 - built  1953  as an 0-4-2T 2 ft (610 mm) gauge loco, one of four Bagnall locos built for the South Africa Rustenberg Plantinum Mine. 

In June 2012 “Isaac” was relocated to Boston Lodge Works to complete the restoration, arriving at Woody Bay on 29 November 2013. [ L&B website ]

Merddin Emrys on service train at Tanygrisiau : FR : Andy Wilkinson

April 2017

No 9/1213 "Prince of Wales" with air pump and No 8 "Llywelyn" with air pump now disguised in left hand side tank at Devils Bridge : Vale of Rheidol Railway

Cleethorpes Coast LR No 24 giving rides at Peterborough : Paul Howard

No.12 'Joan' (Kerr Stuart No.4404, 1927) : Paul Howard

One HP : ‘A pit pony at Penryrheol Mine near Pontypool in April 1982 – Andrew Neale’

March 2017

Palmerston with a freight train at Minffordd FR : Andy Wilkinson

Sittingbourne and Kemsley : "Leader" Kerr Stuart 926 of 1905:

Stewart Liles

1976 The Cadeby Light Railway and Rev. Teddy Boston driving " Pixie" a Bagnall purchased in 1962 from the Cranford Quarry.  2 foot gauge in the garden!!  : Dave Webb archive.

 1979 Isle of Man Dave Webb relives his memories.......


February 2017

It's 1978 and Prince of Wales is in BR blue livery :

a Vale of Rheidol archive photo from Dave Webb 

new build L&B "LYD" takes water at Pothmadog : Dave Webb

Ffestiniog Railway Tan-y-Bwlch Station : Andy Wilkinson

Valkenburg NG Steam Museum, situated north of the Hague, is only two hours drive from Sheffield, assuming you take the ferry from Hull!

Phil Thompson

January 2017

Tanygrisiau Reservoir Ffestiniog Railway : Gerv Wright

A reminder of summer on the Vale of Rheidol : Gerv Wright

Boxing Day at Porthmadog : Andy Wilkinson

December 2016

Ffestiniog Triple : Gerv Wright

Welsh Highland Railway : approaching Rhyd Ddu: Gerv Wright

Owain Glyndwr VofR No 7 partially rebuilt and photographed

at the NEC by Paul Varey

B Class splendour : Paul Howard

November 2016

Late evening outside Darjeeling shed : Paul Howard

A 2'6" gauge Dick Kerr loco, built in 1910 for the Karachi Port Trust. Renovated in 1990 by the Amritsar workshops, it now stands on a plinth outside of the office of the general manager of the Northern Railway of India in New Delhi. A sister loco is preserved at the National Rail Museum in New Delhi : Paul Howard

W&LLR : Chevallier 0-6-2T steam locomotive built by

Manning Wardle & Co, Leeds, in 1915 : Gerv Wright

Palmerston with a goods train at Minffordd : FR Victorian Weekend:

Andy Wilkinson

October 2016

Rhiw Valley Railway : Paul Howard click here to find out more...

Ffestiniog Victorian Weekend : Superpower : Geoff Munday

Romney Hythe and Dimchurch: Stewart Liles

Talyllyn : Tom Rolt  : Gerv Wright and Paul Howard [below ]

September 2106

L&B Steve Smith

Vale of Rheidol No 8 at Aberffrwd crossing : Gerv Wright

Taliesin in new livery standing at Boston Lodge works: Andy Wilkinson

Countess Banwy Bridge WLLR Sept Gala : Dave Webb

Bala August Gala : Trev Oughton

August 2016

Hythe Pier No 2 BE 16302 of 1917 three rail electric : Stewart Liles

OK 2368 Utrillas at West Lancs : Cedric Binns

Isle of Man Festival of Transport Groudle Glen : Nick Midgley

Replica Lewin loco 'Ant ' on 20 inch track with Steamplex in foreground, driven by owner John  Boyes.

Hudswell Clarke No 1172 built 1922, newly outshopped from Statfold Barn and seen at Threlkeld Mining Museum : Dave Webb

July 2016

Paddy at Threlkeld : Stewart Liles

Velinheli, Linda and Prince with the Snowdonia Limited at Tanygrisiau:

Gerv Wright

Earl of Merioneth above Tanygrisiau Reservoir : Gerv Wright

David Lloyd George above Tanygrisiau heading for Blaenau:

Stewart Liles

June 2016

The two ends of the Ratty :  Dalegarth: Cedric Binns

Ravenglass : Tony Marshall

Statfold Barn : Bagnall Isibutu : Paul Howard

Statfold Barn : Stewart Liles

New FR Carriage 150 interior : Andy Wilkinson

Wells and Walsingham Garratt : Stewart Liles

Bure Valley L&M loco " Mark Timothy" at Wroxham : Stuart Mackay

May 2016

Apedale WW1 event. “JOFFRES” Kerr Stuart  2405 and 3014 :

Cedric Binns

The Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum : Trev Oughton.

Darjeeling "B" Class at Harbour Station with Victorian train :

Andy Wilkinson

The " Snowdonian" passes through Minffordd : Ffestiniog Railway:

Andy Wilkinson

April 2016

Dolbadarn at Gilfach Ddu workshops Llanberris : Stewart Liles

Taliesin at Boston Lodge in new livery : Andy Wilkinson

Capel Bangor crossing Vale of Rheidol: Gill Cooper

Porthmadog Garratt: Andy Wilkinson

March 2016

FR : Gerv Wright

David Lloyd George : FR: Andy Wilkinson

Bolton Fell Peat Works Carlisle : Stewart Liles

Harz Mountain Railway : Paul Varey

February 2016

Upnor Castle : Welsh Highland : Stewart Liles

W&LLR Llanfair : The Earl: Dave Webb

Lynton and Barnstaple: Woody Bay : and Axe waiting to pick up her train.

Stewart Liles

Isle of Man : Dave Webb

January 2016

Crossing the Glaslyn : WHR  : Gerv Wright

Early morning preparations: Boston Lodge Works: Geoff Munday

Vale of Rheidol: arriving at Nantyronen Station: Stewart Liles

DLG on Service train Gwyndy Bank : FR : Andy Wilkinson

December 2015

No 8 waiting at Aberffrwd Station : Vale of Rheidol: Stewart Liles

Blocking the view : Andy Wilkinson : NG16 Garratt lunch break

WHR : Aberglaslyn Pass : Gerv Wright

No8 Llywelyn crosses the Afon Rheidol trestle bridge : Stewart Liles.

November 2015

Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway.

Last train of the season passes the newly erected traditional style waiting shelter at Castle Caereinion, 1st Nov 2015.

This is the first shelter of its type to be present on the railway since 1956 when BR demolished the ones at Golfa, Castle Caereinion and Heniarth. A second shelter is being built 28/29 Nov 2105 at Heniarth to replace the one removed by BR in 1956 :

Dave Billmore

David Lloyd George pulls gravity train to Ffestiniog Power Station summit : Andy Wilkinson

Statfold Barn September Open Day: Paul Howard

Douglas running round at Nant Gwernol: Talyllyn Railway : Stewart Liles

Lighting up on the W&LLR  :  Dave Webb

October 2015

Recent FR Victorian weekend Linda and Blanche double head across Penrhyn Bakehouse Crossing and at Minfordd in May : Andy Wilkinson

South Tynedale Railway : “Barber” was built by Thomas Green and Company Limited of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England in 1908, works No. 441.

: Steve Smith

click here for Steve's Barber video

WHR with Cnicht : Gerv Wright

September 2015

L&B "Lyd"  Ffestiniog Railway : Gerv Wright

Douglas taking on coal and water at Tywyn wharf : Stewart Liles


Brecon Mountain Railway : Baldwin 61269 of 1930 pulls into the new terminus at Torpantau : Stewart Liles

Snowdon Mountain Railway from the WHR at Rhyd Ddu :

Dave Taylor

August 2015

Statfold Barn : Gerv Wright

Threlkeld Open Day

Hugh Napier Quarry Hunslet 1904 Works No. 855

and Marchlyn Avonside 1933 Works No 2067:

Penrhyn Quarries : Cedric Binns

Stewart Liles


Flameproof Hunslet diesel hydraulic No 7446 with

Clayton Battery loco behind: Clearwell Caves Forest of Dean

July 2015

Bala Lake Railway : Trev Oughton

Tallylyn 150 : Steve Smith

June 2015

Le Chermin de Fer de la Baie de Somme‏

E322 Réseau Breton 4-6-0 tank locomotive built by Franco-belge in 1904:

Phil Thompson


Train à vapeur Lac de Rillé POLSKA Henshel & Sohn 15973 0-4-0T 1918

The town of Rillé is located in the Loire Valley central France 

: Bob Walker

Perrygrove Railway  Gloucestershire 15" :

Phil Thompson

May 2015

Merddin Emrys : Ffestiniog Railway : Porthmadog: Andy Wilkinson

Merddin Emrys : Ffestiniog Railway : Steve Smith

Merddin Emrys at Tanygrisiau : Ffestiniog Railway : Steve Smith

April 2105

Linda and Blanche preparing to double head : Porthmadog: Stewart Liles

The French constructed over 600km of metre gauge railways in Cambodia when it was part of French Indochina. This loco was built in 1912 by the Franco - Belge company.

Paul Howard

Statfold Spring Gala : Dave Webb

March 2015

FR : Boston Lodge: Paul Howard

Moelwyn 0-4-0PM was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia in 1918 for service in Word War I with the French Army.

FR Victorian Weekend : Hugh Napier : Andy Wilkinson

Statfold Barn : Chris Cooper

February 2015

WHR  Pont Croesor from Moel Ddu : Dave Taylor

WHR : Hafodyllyn from Llys : Dave Taylor

January 2015

WHR K1 : Stewart Liles

Portmadog Cob from Moel Ddu : Dave Taylor

Dougal W&LLR : Paul Howard

WHR Jan 2010 K1 and NG 143 double-heading : Stewart Liles

December 2014

Talyllyn : Paul Howard

Ffestiniog Railway : Michael Bastow

November 2014

WLLR : Paul Howard

Talyllyn : Michael Bastow

FR : Paul Howard

October 2014

Porthmadog arrival : Michael Bastow

Porthmadog departure : Paul Howard

Visitors to Statfold Barn Open Day 13 Sept enjoying the garden sunshine: Trev Oughton

Adrian Shooter's Darjeeling Himalayan Railway B class loco

running on the South Tynedale Railway : Paul Howard

Looking back at Countess: W&LLR : Chris Cooper

September 2014

W&LLR  : Welshpool servicing : Chris Cooper

August 2014

At Beamish : Steve Smith

Ffestiniog Railway : David Lloyd George : Andy Wilkinson

July 2014

Linda : Paul Butler

2,244m above Sea level - BrienzRothornBahn, the oldest steam powered cogwheel railway in Switzerland : Steve Smith

Hudswell Clarke 972 of 1912 known as Lautoka No.11,  newly named  'Fiji'  stands at the new Porthmadog platform : Andy Wilkinson


June 2014

Devil's Bridge VoR : Phil Thompson

March 2014

Taliesin: Andy Wilkinson

Track reconfiguration and new WHR station Porthmadog: 

Andy Wilkinson

W&LLR Spring working week : Trev Oughton

February 2014

Industrial Landscape : Tony Wright

December 2013

Winifred's Frames; BLR : Andy Wilkinson

Talyllyn Railway : Paul Howard

Dolbadarn : Paul Howard

November 2013

Ffestiniog Railway : Steve Smith : A struggling Taliesin at

Tan y Bwlch

October 2013

Chris Cooper WHR Beddgelert

Sept 2013

Chris Cooper visited the Purbeck Mining Museum at Norden gives an overview of the Isle of Purbeck ball clay mines and tramways : Fayles' Tramways and Pikes' Tramways.

in 1881 the pits north of Norden Farm were being worked out and the tramway was extended eastwards along a parallel route to the proposed Swanage Railway to Norden where pits were dug, clay was processed and weathered. When the L&SWR branch line to Swanage was built an interchange siding was constructed and named "Lord Eldon's Clay Works Siding" to transfer clay to standard gauge wagons by shovel (a lot later a ramp was built to enable the clay to be tipped). 

A short section of 2' gauge track has been reinstated next to a restored section of the mine and Emmet is seen with tippers at the recent Gala.


Emmet was converted from an Orenstein & Koppel 21159 was a type RL3 diesel that was built in 1938. It was "imported" via George W Bungey Ltd. at Hayes Middlesex and sold to ECC Ball clay Mines at Norden. In November 1972, it was purchased by Hampshire Lt. Rly. Soc. & Museum, Durley, Hants. In 2003 this diesel was "converted" into the steam engine "Emmet" by Jim Haylock.

Quarry Hunslet No 542 1891 Alice class ex-Dinorwic "Cloister " is

also resident at Norden but is not in steam


Secundus is housed in the Corfe Museum of Swanage Railway.

An interesting fact!  Russell  Hunslet built 1906

In 1936 when the WHR was closed Russel spent a spell of five years in the Dinas shed followed by six years working for the Ministry of Supply at Hook Norton Mines in Oxfordshire. In 1948 Russell came south to Norden.

The leading axle gave trouble (due to the poor quality of the track) and she latterly worked as a 0-6-2 T. But in 1953 a further boiler certificate was refused, and she was purchased by the Birmingham Locomotive Club for exhibition at the narrow-gauge Museum at Towyn in North Wales, being moved in August 1955

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