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November 2023

Dolgoch at Towyn : Andy Wilkinson

Taliesin at Ynysfor : Tony Wright

October 2023

West Lancs celebrates the Coronation: Alan Simpson

The new James Spooner " All bells and whistles" : Alan Poxon

Panoramic view of Barmouth railway bridge with Fairbourne's "Sherpa" : Trev Oughton

W&LLR September Gala : The Earl, Zillertal and Sir Drefaldwyn

at Llanfair station: Paul Howard

Prince on a goods train : Porthmadog : Chris Cooper

Tallylyn with 16mm connections : Peter Hirst

August 2023

Thomas Bach [ originally Wild Aster ] Hunslet 894 built 1904 at Llanberis : Brian Dickinson

Wells and Walsingham LR Garratt [ built 2010 ] " Norfolk Heroine " :

Peter Dawes

Glacier Express Switzerland : Solis Bridge : Michael Bastow

Blanche and Lilla: Chris Cooper

July 2023

Lilla on a works train at Minffordd : Andy Wilkinson

Taliesin at Port Madoc : Chris Cooper

B Class at the ex Beeches Light Railway : Stewart Liles

Russell at Harbour Station: WHR 100: Chris Cooper

Jack at Statfold : Dave Webb

June 2023

Cnicht and Blanche : Dave Taylor

K1 steaming up at Statfold June Gala : Dave Webb

Coming up soon to the WHR 100 weekend : Tony Wright at Hafod y Llyn

Castell Criccieth at Minffordd : Andy Wilkinson

May 2023

Russell and Prince: WHR Ynysfor : Tony Wright

O&K "Eigiau" [ 5668 of 1912 ] shunting at Harbour Station during the Ffestiniog Members' AGM weekend : Andy Wilkinson

Lyd at Harbour Station : Alan Poxon

RAILCAR  Ex military railway, Rottnest Island off Perth WA : Mick Brown

April 2023

Welsh Pony at Harbour Station: Jack Hartwell

Penrhyn Avonside duo: Ogwen and Marchlyn at Statfold : Alan Poxon

Palmerston at Porthmadog : Chris Cooper

Liassic at Statfold : Gerv Wright


March 2023

DLG : Tony Wright

Blanche at Tan-y-Bwlch : Alan Poxon

Blanche at Tan-y-Bwlch : Alan Poxon

DHR B Class at Statfold : Rick Collett

Slate Train exiting the spiral : Alan Poxon

February 2023

River Esk at Dalegarth: Dave Webb

" Lilla " Porthmadog : Alan Poxon

"Joan" W&LLR : Dave Webb

Boston Lodge blocks : Chris Cooper

January 2023

Welsh Highland 3 foot gauge De Winton : Stewart Liles

134 at Brynyfelin WHR : Tony Wright

Blanche : Bygones Weekend 2022 : Andy Cooper

Llanfair Shed Autumn Gala : Paul Howard

Isle of Man Nostalgia : Dave Webb


December 2022

Mountaineer in Glan Y Pwll shed : Andy Cooper

Fiji at Statfold : Stewart Liles

Palmerston at Hafod y Llyn : Tony Wright

November 2022

Lilla at Statfold : Dave Webb

"Isabel " Bagnall No 1491 0f 1897 at Amerton Railway : Stewart Liles

Mary Ann, an Open Simplex, and Moelwyn, a Baldwin Gas Mechanical, pause at Harbour Station : Alco " Mountaineer" in the background :

WW1 Locomotives : Alan Poxon

Sybil Mary and Gwynedd at Statfold : Alan Poxon

The Harz : Gerv Wright

October 2022

Statfold : B Class : Alan Poxon

LYD FR Bygones weekend : Chris Cooper

" Lilla" at Porthmadog : Chris Cooper

on Gwyndy Bank : Andy Wilkinson


September 2022

Baldwin : Porthmadog : Paul Howard

The Earl at Llanfair : Paul Howard : September Gala

DLG at Plas Halt : Andy Wilkinson

Russell at Rhyd Ddu : WHR 100 : Gerv Wright


August 2022

Durango and Silverton : Richard Cable

"Harlech Castle" on a PWay train through Tan-y-bwlch woods :

Andy Wilkinson

Palmerston : WHR 100 : Gerv Wright

K1 Garratt at Stafold : Paul Howard


July 2022

Admiring the engine: Steve Smith

Palmerston with goods at Minffordd : Andy Wilkinson

Zillertal at Welshpool : Stuart Mackay

Taliesin and Merddin Emrys at Salem Rhydd Ddu : Tony Wright

June 2022

DHR B Class at Statfold : Paul Howard

Dave Webb at Statfold

Garratt NGG16 No 143 at Porthmadog: Alan Poxon

"Tom Rolt" at Abergonolwyn : Stuart Mackay

May 2022

Peckett Jurassic at Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway : Alan Poxon

French WW1 Kerr Stuart Joffre at West Lancs Railway : Alan Poxon

"Carnegie" 21ft long on 18" track. Articulated 0-4+4-0DM double jackshaft. Built by Hunslet in 1954 for Woolwich Arsenal. Restored and residing at Statfold Barn 2022 : Alan Poxon

Lyd at Blaenau Ffestiniog : Alan Poxon

Taliesin ready for duty: Porthmadog

April 2022

Jack at Stafold : Alan Poxon

Merddin Emrys : FR first day of 2022 operation at Minffordd : on trial run after fitting of bottom-end power bogie: Andy Wilkinson

Steaming up at Statfold : Dave Webb

138 crossing to Harbour Station : Alan Poxon

March 2022

Fiji at Statfold : Trev Oughton

Prince heads the Woodland Wanderer across the Cob: Dave Webb

Blanche powers past Boston Lodge : Alan Poxon

Vale of Ffestiniog at Boston Lodge : Alan Poxon


February 2022

Hunslet "Lilla" with a passenger train at Statfold : Alan Poxon

Hunslet No 2 Port Dinorwic Type : works number 1430 of 1922 :

Padarn Lake Railway : Tony Wright

Sybil Mary at Apedale Railway: Alan Poxon

Linda and Blanche WHR : Gerv Wright

January 2022

Peckett " Liassic" 0-6-0 at Statfold. : Paul Howard

The Beeches LR : Stewart Liles

K1 : Chris Cooper


December 2021

Earl of Merioneth heads out into the snowy landscape : Chris Cooper

Llanberis Lake Railway : Tony Wright

The Cob : Dave Webb

November 2021

FR : Harbour Station : Tony Wright

WLLR : Dave Webb

Token Change at Castletown; IoM; Gerv Wright

Motor Rail 20hp Simplex from 1918, with Works Number 997, was built for the Western Front and carried the WDLR number LR2718. Currently becoming part of the landscape as it awaits restoration : Alan Poxon

October 2021

Built in the 1930s by the Rio Grande Southern Railroad and operated until the end of service on the line in the early 1950s, the “ Galloping Goose”  railcars  were derived from full-sized automobiles. This replica is built on a Morris commercial chassis : Statfold : Dave Webb

Groudle Glen IoM: Stewart Liles

Stewart Liles

The first public outing of restored Avonside OGWEN at Apedale, running in its pre Penrhyn guise of DURHAM as when it worked for Durham County Water Board on the construction of Burnhope Reservoir in 1933.

Taliesin: Alan Poxon

September 2021

Englands : Alan Poxon

823 : Dave Webb

WLLR : Dave Webb

August 2021

Thomas Bach at Llanberis Lake Railway : Stuart Mackay

Superior at Whipsnade on successful test with briquettes made from rape seed waste: further tests are planned: Phil Thompson

Tanybwlch : Chris Cooper

1937 Cockerill built NGG16 No 87 with the Gelert Explorer : WHR :

Stuart Mackay

Blanche : Steve Smith

July 2021

Five Quarry Hunslets: Stewart Liles at Statfold

Cloister, Jack Lane , Sybil Mary, Britomart and Statfold

Lilla : Dave Webb at Statfold

VoR back in service : Steve Borszowski

In need of a little TLC : Alan Poxon at Embsay


June 2021

Porthmadog : Prince : Dave Webb

LYD now back in service : Andy Wilkinson

Hugh Napier : Tony Wright

Statfold Barn : Dave Webb

May 2021

Ty Fry bridge : Welsh Pony : Dave Taylor

First train : FR back in steam: Andy Wilkinson


April 2021

Threlkeld : Stewart Liles

FR works train: Tony Wright

HE1215 of 1916 : Apedale : Stewart Liles

In Shed : Boston Lodge : Steve Borszowski


March 2021

Bala : Tony Wright

DLG hauls the service train clear of Garnedd tunnel : Andy Wilkinson

Brush Battery loco 16303 of 1917. Worked at HM Explosives Factory, Queensferry, Flintshire : Apedale: Stewart Liles

WHR: Gerv Wright

February 2021

Brecon Mountain Railway : Stewart Liles

Taliesin: Hafod y Llyn: Tony Wright

Lilla and Britomart at Boston Lodge: Stewart Liles

Russell at Ynysfor : Tony Wright

January 2021

Davenport: Dave Webb at Statfold

" Britomart " from a slide taken in 1967 : Jack Sharples

Mountaineer at Tanygrisiau : Gerv Wright

Welsh Pony at Porthmadog : Chris Cooper



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