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The Yorkshire Group of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers Limited (Founded in 2007)

The Yorkshire Group of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers Limited is a private company limited by guarantee

Registered in England and Wales No. 6286353

Registered Office: 182 Butcher Hill, Leeds, LS16 5BG

Membership is recorded by inviting people to enter their name, address, email address and telephone number in a register. Details are entered in respect of each calendar year and the current annual subscription is £nil. The register is normally available at the Annual General Meeting in each year and at the New Year Steam-up, together with other shows such as Doncaster MEngEx and Elsecar Garden Railway Show.


Narrow Gauge North Saturday 11 March

Pudsey Civic Hall,  Dawsons Corner, Pudsey,Yorkshire  LS28 5TA     

Please let Ted Burdge know if you are coming to steam on Mount Dowd.   

01423 359039 


Yorkshire Photo of the Week

Roundhouse Alco : Paul Howard

STEAM VIDEO : October Aireside Railway : Steve Smith

and go to STEAM VIDEO to watch "BingBan" and

"Yorkshire 16mm Steam" to watch Yorkshire Group Open Days and other narrow gauge events.

Trains in the Landscape

new build L&B "LYD" takes water at Pothmadog : Dave Webb

16 mm Projects : Lineside Hut "curly roofed" brake van

Building "Jack" Roy Shaw

Members of the company receive a copy of the Report of the Directors and annual Financial Statements, together with the Annual Open Day and Regular Running programme, and are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Butane Gas is also available to members at cost price: contact Andy Cooper for details.

The current directors are : Michael Bastow, Andy Cooper [ Secretary / Chairman ] Stuart Currie, David Hill, David Mason, John Orson, Dave Webb, Phil Thompson [ Treasurer ] and Gerv Wright [ Exhibitions Manager ]

The main purpose of the Company is to organise Events and Open Days in Yorkshire and to oversee the running of the Elsecar Garden Railway Show.
These events included a number of shows and full-day garden railway meetings. In addition, members in both South Yorkshire and the Leeds area get together regularly on summer evenings – the “Sheffield Shed” and “Leeds and Bradford Shed” are a popular informal way to enjoy playing with steam (and battery) trains in the garden. Our open days are very sociable affairs.

The Elsecar Garden Railway Show normally takes place over two days, usually in the last weekend in September. One of the larger shows in the garden railway show calendar, visitors can expect to see at least five large layouts and over 25 suppliers of garden railway equipment. The show takes place at the Elsecar Heritage Centre, near Barnsley.

This venue has a number of other attractions, including craft shops, cafés, the Elsecar Heritage standard gauge steam railway, and a Newcomen Engine which is now open to visitors, but check opening times.

Mount Dowd, Dixon Green Light Railway and Saed-y-Parc
The company owns three portable layouts constructed to 16mm scale, together with trailers used to store and transport the layouts.

Mount Dowd is a large layout that is ideal for operating a number of trains at once; Dixon Green is a large scenic layout more suitable for smaller and geared locos, and Saed-y-Parc is a end to end dumb-bell with sidings and scenic interest. Dixon Green and Saed-y-Parc can be joined together to form one very large layout.

We are all involved in 16mm Narrow Gauge Modelling in or around Yorkshire. We have Yorkshire ex-pats working or living abroad, we also have friendships and activities that cross the boundaries of Yorkshire to adjacent counties.
Many members have their own garden railway. This is not a necessity, however, since there is plenty of opportunity to run trains on other members’ railways. Indeed, a good introduction to the hobby is to try and work your way around all the open days and other activities – but be warned that you will probably need around two years to fit them all in!

Disclaimer The opinions on these web pages are not necessarily those of the Board of Directors nor Company and should not be taken as Company policy. Further we have no connection with any firm mentioned herein. The Yorkshire Group of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers Ltd as publisher and the Web Site Manager cannot be held responsible for any error that may occur in the text. Reliance placed upon the contents of these web pages is at the readers' own risk.


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